Neil Young sells half his songbook

Neil Young

Sudbury Star

January 6, 2021

Singer-songwriter Neil Young has sold a half share of the rights to his entire catalog of 1,180 songs to London-listed specialist investment firm Hipgnosis Songs Fund , the company said on Wednesday.

Young, 75, famed for songs including “Heart Of Gold,” “Rocking In The Free World” and “Devil’s Sidewalk,” has released over 50 studio albums and 20 live albums, of which seven went platinum and three multi-platinum.

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  1. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut for 4 years. Trump would have been gone and people who used to buy his music would have continued to do it.? Now his career is finished. Apparently he didn’t know who his fans were. Same goes for Bruce Springsteen. They can play at Democrat events but I doubt the millennials that support the Democrats even know who these geezers are. I’m a geezer and I will never buy any music, go to any movie or watch any television show that has any “artist” that slagged and worked to defeat Trump. I will remember them.

  2. Hey Rick the Redneck: fan or no fan of Neil Young, he’s done more for charities and the less fortunate, then you’ll do in ten lifetimes. Get off your high horse. I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the rest of the rubes at the next Trump rally.

  3. Hey, Brenda:

    Were you aware that Neil Young doesn’t practice what he preaches when it comes to the environmentalism he claims to support? So how about you get off your own high horse instead and stick to the lies of the fake news liberal media that you choose to believe without question.

  4. Brebda, why is it you progessives/socialists/communists(antifa)/marxists(BLM) all go the name calling route? Btw, didn’t he become a us citizen? Doesn’t matter, yesterdays news… move along people, nothing to see here

  5. Brenda:

    Based on your response and your attitude, it’s clear that you really don’t know what you’re talking about regarding Neil Young, whereas we do.


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