Edmonton radio legend Bob Layton announces retirement

Bob Layton

By Kirby Bourne

Global News

December 25, 2020

After 49 years on the air at 630 CHED, and 50 in the radio industry, Bob Layton has announced his retirement.“I’ve been told for a couple of years now that I would just know when it was time,” Layton said. 

“I feel like it’s time.” Tweet This

Layton’s career started after being interviewed by a reporter in the late 60s. He was a postal worker at the time and he and his coworkers went on an illegal strike for the right to strike.

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  1. Bob Layton was the last pillar of decency to remain at CHED.

    I noticed how he would not report the Ontario Trudeau lies as is required when you work for Global

    My prediction is that Global owned and strictly Ontario controlled CHED will be “hissing” empty on the airwaves within a few desperate fiscal periods.

    Also, Bob Layton would never take a Trudeau “On the Take” check as all the media whores have done to date. The man has retired with class. Because he is a class person.

  2. Mr. Layton conveniently retired before James Coates was jailed; it would be interesting to hear if he would dare criticize this, since Mr. Layton never met a police state measure he didn’t support.


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