Drex to Leave CKNW and National Corus Late Night Talk (UPDATED)

Justin ‘Drex” Wilcomes
June 25 2020
Justin Wilcomes alias ‘Drex‘ took to his Twitter account last evening to announce he is leaving his allnight national Corus talk show ‘The Shift with Drex.’ 
I wanted to let you know that I have decided to step away from Corus Entertainment and #TheShiftwithDrex to pursue other opportunities. (let the rampant speculation begin) One of them is working on a docu-series about collectors! (totes Drexy’s jam).

I want to thank all the listeners & bonkers callers to the show across the country who helped get us where we are today… THE most listened to late-night radio show in Canada. I want to thank Giffordtweet,@riobobbo, @radiokathryn @mcarthursound who helped shape the show.

I will continue to host until they find a brand new human to fill the chair. I hope you will give them a red hot chance as you did me. And for those of you who will ask… “Where are you going?” well,  first… I’m going to bed to sleep! Now, bugger off.


Drex has been with Corus Vancouver since early 2013, and News/Talk CKNW since 2014.   Prior to that he was Vista Group PD on Vancouver Island and morning man at CFCP Courtenay, having immigrated from his native Australia in 2009.   He has been hosting late night on the Corus talk network since January 2018.

Drex told listeners last night he is not leaving radio but is legally not allowed to say what his plans are, and that he will stay on board until his replacement is hired by PD Larry Gifford (“until August or so”). He added that management hasn’t told him to stop playing music he likes, and followed that assertion with a few seconds of Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job And Shove It.”




  1. All the best in the next phase. As colorful a character as Vancouver radio has ever had. Kudos for overhauling overnight radio in Canada.

  2. Drex was a straight shooter on the radio and his night time show will be greatly missed.Thanks for speaking your mind .

  3. I am so sad to see you go, at first I thought God is he ever loud!! But I must admit I have enjoyed your show, just so different than what has been on late night. I’m old, used to love Jack Cullen with all his old music, and radio shows, hope Bobby and Mathew stay on, plus Jackson.

    All the best Drex, maybe you will return!!!!

  4. Drex Ive been pissed at you for a very long time. Ive listened to you day in and night in waiting for the right time to set you straight. Ive enjoyed the wait maybe someday Ill run into you at the NAAM and when you hear the whole story you will feel bad for hanging up on me.
    Good Luck with whatever your going to do

  5. Bye Bye. 🙂

    I heard you are leaving. I turned to Coast to Coast when you started working for CKNW.

    Perhaps your replacement won’t be as insulting to the listening public.

  6. Best talk show going!!! Filled many a late sleepless night, enjoyed listening to your guests who called from everywhere and your fellow host in St Louis! Have a great time in your new endeavor ,best wishes!!!!

  7. By far your show is “the best”
    So enjoyed staying up late to listen to your words of wisdom. ..lol…
    But when life moves us in another direction. ..we move ..
    All the best!

  8. Drex….thank you for the information and giggles you gave tbru the late night radio. I would stay up until late in the evening listening to you and your crew. Good luck in your next project and looking forward to hear what it will be.
    Cheers Drex xo

  9. I have called and texted you several times. When Coast to Coast left, I said now what? BUT you were a perfect fit. I am in Winnipeg, but the radio was always on, no matter how late. You sound like a great person and fun at party’s. You supplied many laughs. All the best and will be muchly missed! All the best!

  10. Hi Drex I have been listening to you since the first night you started. I am a security guard and nights and I always looked forward to here you. I will really miss you . Goid luck in your new career.

  11. Good luck. Good bye. Good riddance. Hope the replacement has a journalist background. M.Good bye endless twaddle. More open-minded and less obnoxious.

  12. Late night work, tuned you out early in your across Canada tenure, listened in briefly on occasion only to move on again to other talk programs. You had your following, I tried, but just didn’t fit the listening challenge sought, you did seem to have a following and like democracy, each to their own and that is what makes Canada great. Good luck in your future endeavours Drex, truly, maybe you and Adler can cook something up together. Well, time to tune out again, all the best in your future sir, peace be with you and yours.

  13. It sucks Drex is leaving, for an insomniac, he’s a dream, and the only person I listen to on chorus. Much luck Drex

  14. Most nights I don’t sleep well and when that happens my go to is your show ! Most nights I laugh out loud and I so enjoy your show Drex, and will sadly miss your voice and the banter of the boys! I’m a 71 year old grandma from Toronto and want to thank you for keeping me company in the dark…I wish you all the best

  15. Last night I fell asleep and awoke just after 10 p,m. The person on the radio was yelling and ranting. It felt like someone was banging my brain with a hammer. Is that the best thing a local station can do to replace their so-called cross country talk show. What kind of listeners do you pretend to attract again? are you people for real? No one in their right mind would want to keep the new replaced show on. How long will it take you get someone who has the track experience? Don’t be cheap either. That won’t work either for nothing!!

  16. DearDrex. All the best in your future endeavours. You’ve kept me company on many a sleepless night. I just loved your show. Late night won’t be the same without you. Thank you for all your hard work

  17. Glad Drex is gone! Lost me when he brought on a fictional sock charactor to attack Jody Wilson Raybould during the SNC scandal.

  18. Will be so pleased to see the back of this show . Neither you or Bob were able to string more than two cohesive thoughts together ,without constantly interrupting each other . I appreciate bluntness & honesty ,but you just pretended to have both , certainly not possessing true tough Aussie opinions. This show often descended into immature ,juvenile inanity …..god knows why CKNW tolerated this mostly drivel ,for so long . David Berner could create an eclectic talk show that could capture many audiences , I would love to hear him again . Consider this mess a sorry failure , try a classroom of under 10’s.

  19. If you’re going to launch an ‘experiment’, all-nights is the place to do it. Unfortunately, I don’t think Mr. Wilcomes had the necessary skill set and formatic chops to pull it off and the show slowly disintegrated. Despite public pronouncements, I can’t help think that PD Larry Gifford, with tons of experience, likely recognized the show could not be salvaged, and mercifully allowed it to end. Hardly the first time things have not gone as planned and that’s OK. I would caution against a ‘long good-bye’, which is never good listening, and find a replacement ASAP. And, as they say in the biz—‘we wish you the best in your future endeavors’.

  20. You will not be missed.

    I thought that you were rude and arrogant. Oftentimes you did not do your homework and unintentionally gave out false information.
    * You liked to laugh at other “known”people and put them down when they have accomplished much more than you ever will.
    Although you’re still here, I like speaking about you in the past tense.

  21. Other than bringing back Coast to Coast as a human, George Noorey is the best, I would prefer the original Network Replay in this spot to fill in and Drex pursue his career to wherever he wants to go. Steele and Drex was one of the worst decisions Corus made…

  22. I will miss this show.It have slowly grown on me over the last year. During the craziness that COVID brought in the past few months, this show was a positive way to end each day. I cannot understand the rude comments posted by many of you. Why do people feel the need to be mean?

  23. Good luck to Drex in his future endeavors for sure. I don`t think he`s leaving much of anything though, but a spineless run station that seems more comfortable working in the fluffy softball zone. A faded shadow of what it was. Newer broadcasters of the modern and newer times where correctness and pillowy soft talk is in and tackling the hard stuff of societal problems, divides and problems is tackled out of balance.

  24. When I first started listening, I kind of enjoyed the show, but as time went by, I found most of the topics boring & geared to a smaller part of his audience. That jungle music he so loves & plays drove me crazy. I did not enjoy the small petty chit chat between him & Bobby either, who wants to listen to two grown men talk about toe jam, even for a few minutes. Hope that laughing clown Eric Chapman is not on the short list. I do wish you well Drex, & much success in your future endeavours. I will only miss the accent.

  25. Ya that MILF thing destroyed any chance for me to be a follower. Eric Chapman? Please Noooo! If you’re willing to check out our neighbors to the south, here are some great late night alternatives if you have access to the internet:
    And…for some lefty nonsense, except Monson…KIRO.

  26. Late to comments but TGDG {Drex Gone} Previous comments express what an overbearing Rude ,Demeaning to Callers He did not Like “Presenter He was
    Larry G must have had a Brain Freeze when He originally put Drex with Lynda
    She is only in recent months emerging from the Bad Habits described She picked up from Him
    described plus cutting callers off early ,sounding impatient . Mellowing finally to the Nice Person She must be away from the Studio
    Hopefully Drex will return to OZ after probably insulting His “Collectors” on His new rather vague reason for departing NW Then disappear into the Vast Outback of OZ after
    no doubt insulting and demeaning some Poor Dingos and Roos en route
    I hope the Successor will present varied subjects not just the present CoVid and other Current world problems the Media concentrates 24//7 There is more happening in the world and Canada Check out Online ” Monocle “radio from London ,” DW German radio” from Bonn plus BBC World also to be heard included on CBC Radio 1 Overnight .1am-5am so refreshing!
    CBC Replaced Drex for Me Try it Puget Sounders
    C to C increasingly occupied by Alien Seeing Psycho Experiencing alarmists not worth a listen

  27. Aw, man… Sorry to hear you’re leaving. You were killing it on the late night airwaves. Will miss your straight-shooting talk. Best of luck with your next project.

  28. Also wanted to thank Mike for his recent and rather entertaining comment. Mike, you’re special. Good luck with whatever it is you do, you special special person. ?

  29. Glad to hear this. The show comes in loud and clear here south of the border on CHML. I enjoy hearing Canadian wit and points of view, and this guy is loud, obnoxious, and too opinionated. Looking forward to hearing his replacement.

  30. This guy is loud, obnoxious, and too opinionated. I hated him from day one! Global, you should have kept Coast to Coast! A lot of listeners were pissed off when you put this individual on! Thank God he is leaving.

  31. So glad to hear it! Sorry Drex but you are arrogant and rude. I don’t know why anyone would call your show considering most people were interrupted, dismissed or hung up on. You never listened to understand, you only listened to reply. You are quite disrespectful of others opinions and seem to think that your opinion is always right. The information you spouted off during your segments lacked in responsible journalism, you simply took headlines and regurgitated them without ever fact checking, and your facts were wrong on so many occasions! When a caller would put you on the spot, you would turn the question on them or simply hang up and say it’s my show I can do what I want….wow, is that entitlement or what! And one more thing, just because you shout and yell, does not make what you are saying more valid. George Noory’s show may have been a bit out there, but at least his show was about something….your show is about you listening to your own voice…and George always treated EVERYONE who stayed up to listen to him and call his show with the utmost of respect, a true gentleman with a great radio voice. You have a lot of maturing and educating to do before you should be hosting another show.

  32. Guess I agree pretty much with becky. Reminds me of folks like adam hawk, producer of the jim rome show, and simona program director of lg 104.3 the breeze. They are really all the same person except that at least simona is really a kind lady with a nice voice. For she is not listening what listeners are asking for and that is to bring back the cisl format she did before with a few 80s tunes or even have it as a special feature weekend nights. But at least the oldie of the day is back on the station friday mornings so far even with simona filling in last week.

  33. I’m sorry to see you go Drex. I’ve been a talk show radio show junkie for decades dating back to Joe Pine in early 60’s and I do believe your format best exemplifies the best of talk radio, Like the other daily line up with the exception of Adler, you do not focus on repeated topics that have been discussed ad nauseam from dawn to dark. I guess CKNW felt they weren’t quite ready for you…unlike we listeners. Good luck in all you do. Stay happy and safe.

  34. I can’t believe how cruel some of these people are . How would they feel if others had those vicious things to say about them. It’s tough out here and all that negative stuff is not needed.

  35. I often found you loud and annoying plus you always interrupted whoever was speaking. You said you stuttered when excited – that was annoying as well! Your music was too loud as well!!

  36. WILL NOT MISS Mr FAR LEFT WOKE Drex…………maybe CORUS will not lose as much money now that you are leaving.

  37. Thank God that someone came to their senses to get rid of this guy. He was loud, rude and obnoxious. Could not stand how juvenile these guys were .Who cares about a daily diary read out with holy music played in the background.
    Thank goodness for Coast to Coast airing on other Canadian radio stations where we can tune in to.

  38. Wow!

    One thing for sure the exit has sure prompted many opinions from listeners, could we describe him as polarizing ?

    I was not really a regular listener but I often heard part of the end of the repeat about 4:30 am on my way to the office, the very odd time something might be of interest but I mostly tune away into SXM .

    Do we know what happened ? Fired or quit ?

    How would a 50 year old people kind call they self Drex, I find that silly ?

    One thing for sure, he was truly only a legend in his own basement, and that is not so good .

    Good luck to him, I never like to see anyone out of work, we all deserve to be able to make a living no matter who does not like us .

  39. With all that’s going on in the world right now you choose to talk about things like cow bells & whether or not soup is a meal among other boring topics. WHO THE HELL CARES! I’d sure hate to be seated next to you at a dinner party! Your interests are truly boring for a talk show host! And by the way that’s not music you play IT’S NOISE! What kind of disturbed mind wants to listen to that? It’s disturbing. One night I tuned my radio in middle of that noise and I thought my radio was broken again. Sounded like STATIC! You must hear things others don’t!

  40. While Drex has his own radio persona, I was ecstatic when he announced he was leaving. As others have stated who wants to hear nonsense radio eg. 1/2 hour between him and Bob about ice cream , totally lame . Bye bye .

  41. He won’t be missed. Just another mouthpiece for corporate radio. You could get rid of 99 percent of CKNW staff and I wouldn’t miss them. I’ve listened for two decades to know that there’s no truth from them on things that really matter. This is the time for truth, MSM is not it.

  42. Totally overrated talk show. Can’t see why people like it. Terrible music that he plays on too long, over 5 minutes, while he probably runs out for a snack. Hate his intro music. Just play it when you first go on the air, not after every hourly news broadcast! Don’t need to keep the woman saying she was a “little steamed“. Who cares!!

    Just a lot of fluff. Rarely anything important. Wish there was a show like Coast to Coast that aired nation wide. The Americans C2C is too pro Trump for my liking. We need a program that deals with national important issues and the occasional topics on TV , music etc is fine.

  43. I remember the first time I heard him and was captured by random topics and banter. The last few months have certainly not been as entertaining, to the point where it was time to change the channel. It seemed that there was always some “clip” from some other interview or show playing and less conversation from their team. And when that wasn’t happening we had to listen to some drivel from a guy in Calgary phoning in with dialog that made me gag. It wasn’t attracting enough “new” input, always the same people…….. BUH BY!

  44. I haven’t listened to this weirdo for a long time and there are a number of reasons why but Bekky has already put it best anyway so, if you haven’t read her encapsulation, I suggest doing so. As for his last music choice, the word ‘juvenile’ comes to mind. PLEASE go back to Australia!

  45. I always listen to the Radio when I go to bed at night — I prefer the Classic Radio Programs I do not enjoy loud music or screaming voices – I have learned to tolerate your style – not mine but I do wish you the best in your future endavours and hope the station has someone that is more gentle (although I think your style is good for keeping truckers awake)

  46. Drex:: You proved talk show hosts don’t have to READ. When was the last article or book you read? Interrupting (Bobby as you called him) Bob so many times was an annoyance. Reading was such a foreign item.

  47. If coast to coast moves back to cknw from 1410, 1410 might change format again. Either it will be oldies, or it will be back to u.s. all sports. Hope its the former.

  48. Justin has left the Shift. A problem with the show was the lack of research on many stories. Talk radio has some hosts who do not READ articles or books. Yet, they pretend to have some expertise. Drex was no different. Radio hosts should also be READERS.

  49. Good, he is finally gone.
    I still listen to Coast to Coast via internet radio.
    Btw, I hope that vain fellow Adler h

  50. Good, he is finally gone.
    I still listen to Coast to Coast via internet radio and many other US talk shows.
    Btw, I hope that vain fellow (Charles Adler Charles Adler and on it goes) hangs it up too.

  51. Interesting comments about Adler, I would up until just a few years ago listen to him on my way home the odd night .

    Then he seemed to change from being fair and balanced to all of a sudden becoming a self absorbed Full of self importance wind bag who seems to be truly a legend only in his own basement .

    I put the change down to some sort of “Political Re Assignment Surgery” .

    It is more than Obvious he had a very poor surgeon .

  52. Started out ok, but he became arrogant and rude as time went on. Time for a change, listeners get tired of the same old same. Glad to see a change coming, just hope it’s not the other guy Eric Chapman.

  53. Best of Luck to you Drex. I found you a great alternative to the usual sleepytime late night radio. A lot of ripped from the headlines banter, with a bit of attitude. Good to keep the mind going. CBC has turned into college activist radio, and sports radio is like listening to wallpaper.
    I guess it’s back to KGO San Francisco for me (on 810 am whose signal peaks after 8:00 pm in the lower mainland).

  54. Mostly a sophmoric interruption festival. If Drex was host, why were there 2 or 3 other voices, constantly shouting moronic comments that no one could hear. Talking about nothing was the specialty of the house. Not as pompous or opinionated as Corus’s long-time crybaby, Charles Adler but Adler can at least read his scripts and has basic comprehension of the world around him. Tom Donahue would puke to see what his underground FM radio world had come down to if he heard Drex and his dukes of danger doing their nightly babble!

  55. And when is CKNW going to get rid of Adler?

    I love how Adler is supposed to be some great radio host. Adler must command a big salary to be advertised like some super radio host on Global.

    Adler is yawn boring. And Adler cries on his shows…Booo Hoo Hooo. like the radio public are dumb idiots and supposed to feel for him. Some super radio host.

    Adler is another loser that CKNW has to get rid of. Obviously a money making loser.

  56. the shift, should be called the shaft. boring, nonsensical. drex very boring and self serving. shane hewitt even more boring. hopefully the next host or hostess will be more inviting

  57. Charles Adler is way past his prime. He’s stuck in a time warp of early ’60s folk song liberalism, and like neocons generally, has been reverting to his left-wing roots–in his case, as a Pierre Trudeauite.

  58. I thought Drex’s days might be numbered during Covid isolation when Drex said that there are places on the internet you can go to make your own porno. Sorry Drex – you only like people who are like you and dismissed everyone else.

  59. Everyone has their strengths, respectful banter wasn’t yours. I did hear your compassion with a handful of callers, not sure how you lasted so long. You weren’t even respectful with your on air colleagues. If you return to the air waves, try a little kindness. Good luck, truly!

  60. Enjoyed the past week of Mike Smyth in the Charles Adler slot; then tonight in the 10:00 p.m. slot the first segment was a Covid story followed by other ‘did you hear this ?’ segments of rehashed news stories from across the country. Maybe I’ve been isolating too long but it’s Friday, the beginning of the weekends most of us look forward to and right now, ‘tho we’re living in serious times, our mental health might just be improved with some lighter topics, some laughter, and some banter, people out there still have a tale or two to make anyone smile, if not laugh out loud and I can appreciate that! There’s lots of good music for fillers and ‘around the ‘Canadian kitchen table’ mentioned so many times there’s lots of room for anyone with a new topic, a new perspective, and maybe an old ‘Friday night-weekend story’ I’m sure the serious topics will be on the table shortly. Whoever the host may be, from Drex to Eric, to someone else, there’s always the personal likes and dislikes about a show and host and reading them here is pretty interesting, it’s good to know we still have places to state our opinions.

  61. So glad he’s gone now that everyone knows what he does in the shower…..UGH. He doesn’t have a radio voice either, with that accent and stuttering you couldn’t understand him half the time.

  62. So many canadians are wimpy and cant handle ozzie humor and sarcasm. I didnt agree with all of his political beliefs but he tried, and was funny. Dont go to oz folks. They’ll make you cry.

  63. So glad “Drex” is gone. Could not understand why he was not fired earlier. He was rude by the power of 10, obnoxious and had a terrible voice, not fit for radio.
    Not to forget how pornographic he is. Yuck !

    I hope so much that this other wind bag, aka Charles Adler, will follow very very soon.
    Seems he is early stage debile – the way he breaks out into sobbing and then laughs hysterically as if somebody turned a switch. He must go – the sooner, the better.

    And, last not least, Ryan Jespersen.

  64. I will miss Drex. I hope that the job goes to Shane Hewitt. He is the best replacement. easy to listen to and very knowledgeable. Whenever I hear Eric Chapman and his whistling walrus on this show I switch the station. He is terrible.

  65. Listening to drex’s replacement & his cohorts is like listening to a bunch of 12 yr. old boys! VERY JUVENILE! Who’s letting these idiots on the air. Does this station have no direction at all? However it’s a step up from Drex.

  66. Bob Addison announced on the overnight show The Shift that this was his last shift as producer. He joined the show two and a half years ago with founding host Justin Wilcomes, bka Drex. Fill-in host Shane Hewitt offered a heartfelt tribute to Addison. He noted that the show is “going nowhere”. Both Addison and Hewitt stressed that the former’s departure had nothing to do with recent Corus/Global cutbacks.

  67. need to have someone with good radio voice, that gets rid of shane and eric.
    the shift should be interesting, something to look forward to, not just filler. perhaps replay the other daily shows at this time. perhaps try another version of network replay

  68. Would much prefer to the effect Network Replay that Jack Cullen had years back. There’s already to many talk shows on radio these days…

  69. Re: Network replays / Cullen replays… unfortunately the station sold off the Cullen materials. I believe a block was bought by the BBC. Perhaps other parts were sold off piecemeal. Somehow the station had acquired ownership from Cullen.

  70. I heard Drew saying he wasn’t leaving the Shift until Aug of so or until they have found a full time replacement. Well, it isn’t Aug and they haven’t found a replacement and he’s not been on air for a few weeks so where the hell is he????!

  71. I started a petition to dump this guy. Don’t need it now
    This guy was the worse late night radio host ever
    He played at least 15 minutes of music each hour, that was the best part
    Time to dump the show and program director

    • CORRECTION. That was the worst part. His music was terrible as is the noise played on the current version of the Shi*t. TALK show…get it? SHould be ALL talk. NO music. NO sports.

  72. Drex’s very first guest on the Shift was someone from BC trying to explain BC liquor laws, on and on it went. If that was supposed to be a topic of national interest, it lost me. And thank-fully I never listened again. Global Corus radio is now dead from Adler on. Thank goodness for satellite radio.

  73. Don’t bring Coast. to Coast. The prick George Noory is a huge Trump supporter and ass kisser and conspiracy advocate. Still blaming the Chinese for creating the pandemic in a lab with absolutely no goddamn proof , meanwhile ignorant assholes like him are becoming anti-Asian, too dumb to realize there is growing anti-Asian racism in the US and Canada.

  74. Don’t worry Ron, Adler has that horrible person Trump covered night after night after night on CKNW. You would think Adler works for that U.S. station in Boston we was once employed , or claims that he was employed at. Nothing much is ever said to insult his eastern friends in Ontario and Quebec. Adler used to be buddies with Menzies at the Rebel. I wonder what happened there.
    Shaye, the Drex replacement, spent almost a half an hour pontificating about a hole in a road in Calgary the other night. A hole in the road. Really.
    Ron, I would rather listen to George Noory talking to someone about Black Holes and the expanding universe, than a person discussing a hole in the road in Calgary.
    Ron. If you like listening to stories about a hole in the road, best wishes to you. You still tat freedom in this country.

  75. You certainly won’t be missed with your rude arrogant comments, your lack of research on the topics you were discussing. The way you constantly interrupted your cohost and downplayed his opinions. You always have to be right. Hopefully you have learned from this.

  76. Charles Adler and Drex obviously do not understand the word “HUBRIS” and the subsequent chaos their “unbridled self centered confidence” is rippling through “The Kitchen Sink Show”, pun intended.

  77. Regretably listened to Eric Chapman last night which was pure unadulterated torture. The guy is incoherent, illogical and radio announcer inept. A good part of his time is spent nervously on air laughing and polluting the airwaves with nonsensical dribble. Why the network would even consider putting him on the radio only points out the desperation of finding a warm body to fill the position.

  78. September 28th2020
    All the best Drex. I miss you even though now I can get more sleep.
    No reason to listen to your replacement, subjects are boring, appear just to be filling in the time and utter drivel.

  79. john peake, ann clark. could not agree more. have listened to n w for years. these guys are clowns. as i said in my earlier statement, thank goodness for audio books

  80. Drex. Why did you go? omg your replacement whatever his name is, is absolutely boring. Talks so politically correct. What a wimp. Can’t listen to his boring conversations for more than 10 min. I work night shift. Got nothing to listen to except radio music. Oh well.
    Good luck Drex.

  81. Well I Miss listening to cheerful Drex still, but my sleep has really gotten better.
    Listening to Shane Hewitt reminds me of the simulated talk my dentist used to do while he was performing torture drilling. Painfully dull . Shane seems to perk up whenever he mentions the word ‘business’. It seems to be his only interest.

  82. I was not a Drex fan, but this Shane Hewitt takes the cake. He has not brought anything new to the show. Isn’t it about time “Are you OK with” & that screaming “Good News” gone in the garbage can by now. His intro jibberish is worse than what Drex had. The only good thing on that show is when he connects with Ryan, the American talk show host. That’s the show I’d love to listen to.

  83. Somebody commented negatively above about John Copsey’s news reading skills; I find him to be very professional with a great news read. Easy conversational style. What’s not to like? I also find Shane Hewitt to be coming into his own surely enough. Give him time and a chance to develop and evolve.

  84. Sorry NW, but your new cast of overnight hosts is ridiculously juvenile. The banter between hosts and board ops is NOT engaging. They act and sound like kids with their first job. Boring about sums it up and until you get some hosts with real life experiences and powerful broadcast chops, it’s goodbye.

  85. So we went from propping up the Harvey comment page to the FAR LEFT WOKE TRUMP HATING ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE NAZI’s Drex comment page? I see…

  86. ah yup , oh yeah, for sure, guffaw . The word regrettable perfectly describes hearing Eric Chapman
    on air. When ever Drex let listeners know he was going to take time off I warned him that any audience he had garnered would be gone if they had to listen EC

  87. Have to add another negative on Eric Chapman. Why anyone would want to listen to this guy before sleep is beyond me. He’s lost any credibility with me whenever I hear him on Lynda Steele. Seriously this guy has to tone down his opinions; at least make it sound like you’re trying to be neutral rather than ridiculing. Eric scoffs at Rebel News yet they’re probably the only trustworthy Canadian media outlet out there at this time. Either way 99 percent of CKNW is propaganda and virtue signaling. I only listen to MSM so I’m on top of the BS when I have to convince others’ that they’re BS. Inform yourself, go listen to Rebel or similar.

  88. I have to agree with you KC regarding the Rebel. They report on news that are never mentioned by the MSM because they on the other hand are mainly liberal, although they try hard to deny it. Those so called journalists have become activists. I still tune in to The Shift when I go to bed, but most times there’s nothing interesting to keep me listening,. The only talk radio show worth listening to these days is the Roy Green show, as Roy always brings a balanced perspective with his views & also his guests.

  89. I’ve stopped listening to Corus (i.e. “Corpse”) Radio including (CRUD xxx). When Globull got rid of the late-night Golden Oldies and Coast-to-Coast, they replaced the time slots for those shows with Drex on all their stations across Canada, leaving no other listening option other than to tune in a station from a different radio network such as CFRB/Rogers. (Interestingly, at that time CFRB had picked up Coast-to-Coast but only carried this show for about an hour).

    I tried listening to Drex a few times but I couldn’t stand his constant arrogant blathering about usually mundane topics, nor the constant mindless chit-chat between him and his behind-the-scenes guy.

    Yes, Coast-to-Coast was often full of wonky topics, guest hosts and conspiracy theories, but I found listening to C-to-C was more for some late-night escapism/entertainment/background noise. I’d still prefer listening to the Golden Oldies since I like the nostalgia these old radio shows (including the old radio ads) evoke, since they were created before I was born. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a couple of apps for my smartphone through which I can listen to these old radio shows including one’s I’ve never even heard of before.

    When Corus Radio got rid of Dave Rutherford back in summer of 2013 (as I recall, shortly before he was scheduled to retire) is when I think programming at Corus in Alberta began to go downhill. (Corus management apparently took exception to Dave criticising them on-air about how QR77 didn’t cover the (then) Calgary flood at a critical moment when flood waters were overwhelming the downtown core of the city).

    Shortly before Rutherford’s termination, he was interviewed and said something to the effect that he didn’t like the direction talk-radio was heading (or had already taken at some stations). I got the sense he was talking about the dumbing down of talk-radio to cater to a younger audience that lacked interest in current events of a serious nature and/or of the target audience’s poor critical thinking skills.

    I think proof of what Rutherford was talking about is born out by the hiring of recent talk-show hosts like Drex, and some of the other hosts at other Corus stations such as at CHED/Edmonton and AM640/Toronto).

    I also think that the move to talk-shows being hosted by two announcers is a sign of the decline in talk-show hosts’ abilities to carry a program by themselves, and/or of poor program quality/content. After all, why does it now require two people to carry a show when in the past a good host used to be able to do the heavy lifting (and without insulting or turning off his/her listeners)?

  90. It would never be done but I’d look into available US host Nick Digilio. He’s hosted a morning talk show for a generation in the third biggest market in N.America. He knows what he’s doing. He can do serious talk, sports, but is more at home with pop culture and entertainment. Like most stations WGN/Chicago eliminated am programming. The guy was good and by today’s standard unique.

  91. Lee, I echo your sentiments. I turn my radio down to barely audible & bingo I’m asleep . I mean really the other night their big discussion was on a perfume or cologne called vagina. They had a great time talking about that, 3 grown man, not teenagers.

  92. John Copsey …just heard the terrible news. So very sad. To lose an early morning voice on the hour who you’ve come to expect is tough to take. Deep regrets.


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