Red Deer’s NEWEST Radio Station is ON THE AIR!


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Red Deer’s NEW 106‐7 REWIND Radio is officially on the air… playing the greatest hits of the 80’s and 90’s! REWIND Radio will play top artists like Bon Jovi, Alanis Morrisette, AC/DC, Prince, Bryan Adams, Queen and much more. “We aim to be Red Deer’s new # 1 pre‐set in the car,” says Program Director Peter Michaels. “I’d say prepare for the awkward stares from the car beside you as people belt out every one of these hits…but you’ll be singing along too!”

Besides the best music in Red Deer, REWIND Radio has also launched with the best radio personalities, reuniting Red Deer’s own odd couple Matt & Ryan in mornings. The highly decorated radio voice of Charlee Morgan in middays. Afternoons will be handled by 20 year Red Deer radio vet and Program Director Peter Michaels, and most weekday evenings/Saturday afternoons feature the only live, local voice on Red Deer radio with Patrick Bateman. There will be plenty of reliable local news updates presented by the largest newsroom in Central Alberta at rdnewsNOW.

The change from 106-7 The Drive to the new and improved 106-7 REWIND Radio followed extensive market research and conversations with hundreds of real radio listeners in Red Deer and Central Alberta. “We heard the same two things over and over again…play more hits and get Matt and Ryan back together,” stated Bryn James, General Manager. “We listened and we have delivered on both.”

“Listeners told us they wanted something exciting, familiar, and something that reflects their lifestyle in Red Deer. We’re musically based in the 80s, 90s…but we are not just a nostalgia station.” says Michaels. “Stations like Rewind Radio have taken cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, and Edmonton by storm and if you ask anyone the 80’s and 90’s is the “go to” choice for big familiar songs,” Michaels added.

“We believe our world can use a whole lot of Rewind right now,” says James, inviting radio listeners in Central Alberta to “come over to Rewind” and give the station a try.

The NEW 106-7 REWIND Radio can be heard at 106.7FM and online at You can find us on the radioplayercanada app or ask your smart speaker to play 1 oh 6-7 Rewind Radio!


  1. So, like …. it’s a Classic Rock Station? No wonder CBC Radio One is so popular. There’s nothing else worth listening to.

    Have these genius program directors realised that there is this newfangled thing called The Internet that allows you to access, download and play your favourite hits on your personal listening devices and in your car WITHOUT annoying commercials, air-head announcers and music selected by focus groups? If you don’t want to hear Supertramp and Joni Mitchell played every hour, you can make your own playlist. Thankfully CBC Radio (and CKUA) seem to understand that.

  2. Nothing against the classic hits format but this begs to question on what exactly is happening with the rock radio format? In addition I’m disappointed in the format change as all the times I’ve been driving from Edmonton down to Calgary I found that The Drive played a decent amount of new and classic rock though I’ve noticed that Zed 98.9 is starting to play newer rock music so maybe there will be a format shift away from classic rock for them, similar to what 96.7 The Rig was in Whitecourt, AB before flipping over to Boom 96.7? Might make sense as there is another classic rock station from nearby Olds that can easily be heard well north of Red Deer (Rock 105?)

  3. Super disappointed. Hearing the same power hits replayed 30 times per week is not something I’m looking forward to. The Drive was one of my favourite stations in the area.

    Back to Spotify.


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