Bell Changes in Vernon


By Pete McIntyre

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Vernon Matters

November 18, 2020

A big shakeup at Vernon’s other radio station today.

Sun FM has let go of its morning show hosts, Betty Selin and Jehrett Schafer, and its afternoon host, April Kimble.

Selin had been with the station for several decades.

UPDATE: The station, which is owned by Bell Media, will be changing to a country format.

The current format is contemporary hit radio.


  1. Well, I am of the 940 CJIB era and long for those “simpler days”. I cannot see how a country format would go over big with today’s mix of Vernon-ites.

    Just a small anecdote. I remembe way back when, it was a Friday or Saturday night and we were “pulling Mainers” and the dj for the night on CJIB was complaining that there was a fly buzzing around his booth and decided he would have a call-in with a Name the Fly contest. The winning name was “Zipper”.

  2. @larry fine Got me to thinking about paraphrasing a wonderful song talking about the end of an era:

    “Bye, bye, Ca-na-dian fly”

    Larry, if you were there, then you would remember “The Hoop” with his 69 Camaro, The Struthers Brothers who had a ’67 Dodge Charger fastback that they painted metalflake gree with chrome reverse rims, and the brothers that had a Javelin SST and a ’68 AMX. That AMX had a wicked 3/4 race cam that made the headers “duh duh duh” when stopped at intersections.

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