After 46 years with KOMO, Connie Thompson pulls the plug…

Connie Thompson

We just came across Connie Thompson’s facebook profile page announcing her retirement, not just from the industry, but after 46, yes count them, 46 years with KOMO 4

“Congratulations Connie!!!

Connie Thompson

  · I’ve been walking down memory lane! Pulled a few photos from the past after hitting my 46th year at KOMO last month! Where does the time go? (Yes, I was 12 when I started!) This is my way of letting you know that I’m retiring from KOMO next month and even with the pandemic, am really looking forward to 2021! In the meantime, I’m working from home like so many others – doing what I can to help consumers solve problems and even better, prevent them! Thank you for being there. Keep taking care of yourselves and don’t forget to do your homework before you make those important decisions that affect your money, your privacy and your home. Life Is Good!


  1. Thank You Connie! It has been a joy and pleasure to not only watch you on tv, but to know that you were reporting on topics that affected our community. Thank you for being so kind and transparent with your reporting. I will miss seeing you, but wish you all the happiness and joy for your retirement.

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