Shares Of FOX News Parent Company FOX Corp. Have Already Dropped By Six Percent


By Mike LaChance

The Gateway Pundit

November 14, 2020

Things keep getting worse for FOX News.

Their coverage of the 2020 election has driven away a massive portion of their fan base, which feels betrayed by the network. It has already had a disastrous effect on ratings.

Now we learn it is hitting the company’s bottom line.

The Business Insider reports:

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Fox Corp. tumbles 6% as Trump retweets support for rival networks Newsmax and OANN

Class A shares of Fox News parent company Fox Corp. dropped as much as 6% on Thursday as President Donald Trump retweeted support for its rival right-leaning news networks Newsmax and OANN.

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  1. And they will keep on dropping as long as they keep spewing manure like “There is NO EVIDENCE of Voter Fraud”. When of course we all know it’s everywhere. Pictures, videos, affidavits from witnesses….and of course…the Bolshevik owned Dominion Voting Systems.

    Keep it up Fake News……you are only digging your own graves. Which is a good thing in my opinion.

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