Seahawks radio host Dori Monson suspended after transphobic tweet

KIRO Radio talk-show host Dori Monson on air in 2009. (Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)

By Bob Condotta

Seattle Times

October 9, 2020

Dori Monson has been suspended indefinitely by Bonneville Seattle from hosting the Seahawks’ pregame and postgame radio shows after a tweet he sent mocking transgender people, The Seattle Times has confirmed.

Monson sent the tweet Wednesday night during the Washington gubernatorial debate between Gov. Jay Inslee and Republican challenger Loren Culp.

Monson, who also hosts a daily show on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, tweeted: “Inslee: we follow science in WA. The state where I could go to Olympia tomorrow and change my birth cert to say I was a girl on 10/2/61 HAHAHAHAHA.”

KIRO Radio 97.3 FM and 710 AM ESPN, the Seahawks’ flagship station, are part of Bonneville Seattle.

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  1. Washington State and Seattle in particular reek of the stench of political correctness. It shuts people up and destroys lives. What Dori said was NOT offensive and it WAS the truth. Just think how crazy our society has become when you can go change your birth certificate sex. That’s crazy! But the looney left in this town thinks it is sacrosanct and worthy of possibly destroying this man’s career. It is downright evil.


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