Why oh why is the MSM pushing an agenda? by Byron Christopher



by Byron Christopher

September 3, 2020

Re: Blake shooting

The knife can be seen when he was in front of the vehicle as police tried to stop him at gun point. They couldn’t disengage and leave the children at risk. We always have to think of the worst case senario in a split second. I can’t believe this is another criminal BLM poster boy who will be made into a hero.

Thank you to my Facebook friend who is a retired police officer from the U.S and who posted the following:

So collectively the anti-police sector of the United States has based their entire argument on 20 seconds of video that was selectively edited and aired with a misleading narrative. As more facts come out those facts will be ignored and that 20 second video is all that they will base their narrative on.

Every time the police do anything it is hyper analyzed and rightfully so. But I always caution to base your arguments on facts and not on emotions. Never base your opinion on a narrative pushed by the MSM as their agenda is clear and it is anti police pro anarchy because it drives ratings and looks bad for the current POTUS.

Whenever the police use deadly force it is very easy for you and I to Monday morning quarterback. We have the benefit of time. We can analyze, slow down and rewind the tape. Police Officers unfortunately don’t have that luxury. Their decisions are made in split seconds. Sometimes they get it wrong but most of the time they get it right.

In the case of the shooting in Wisconsin, we now see the bigger picture coming into focus. We see another angle, we see the actions of Mr. Blake prior to him being shot. We hear more of what was said and the actions of the police officers involved.

Accusations of racism are always thrown out anytime the police are involved with POC. The narrative is the police are “hunting” POC and are gunning them down. We lose sight that the police were called there. They didn’t randomly show up.

We lose sight that this was a Domestic Violence situation, the most tense and dangerous call police respond to. Always unpredictable and tension is always high. We’ve lost sight that Mr. Blake has several active warrants. We’ve already lost sight that Mr. Blake was in possession of a weapon. He had a knife in his hand and the original call was an individual was threatening others with a knife. We’ve already lost sight that the police DID NOT use deadly force on Mr. Blake in response to brandishing a knife and refusing to drop it. They attempted to deal with the situation in non lethal form. We’ve lost sight that they attempted to verbally disarm Mr. Blake, that failed. We’ve lost sight that they deployed a taser on Mr. Blake that had no effect. We’ve lost sight that Mr. Blake told the officers he was going to get his gun from his car. We’ve lost sight that the police were attempting to stop Mr. Blake from going to his car. With weapons drawn and commands being given Mr. Blake ignored those directives and continued to do what he wanted to do. He actively resisted arrest, disregarded all commands and warnings given to him by the police and continued to the drivers side of his car. We’ve lost sight that the police officer was trying to pull Mr. Blake away from his car by pulling on his shirt, Mr. Blake ignored the physical restraint. We’ve lost sight that Mr. Blake then opened his car door and made a movement to reach down for something. He was not attempting to enter the vehicle to drive away. He wasn’t going to the back seat to comfort his children. He REACHED for something after having already ignored all commands of officers, after having already fought with the officers, after having already been in possession of a deadly weapon, the knife, after already having told the officers he was getting his gun from the car.

Only after Mr. Blake ignored all of that and made a furtive movement into his vehicle did the officers determine deadly force was necessary. There is absolutely no requirement that an officer wait until he is fired upon before he can use deadly force. He must articulate why it was necessary to use deadly force and why he was in fear for his life. I just laid all that out for you. I know. You would have done it differently. I know you could have done better. I know your police academy training is top notch. I know that under the exact same circumstances you think you have all the time in the world to make a decision. I know because I’ve laid out the logic based on fact and not emotion I’m a racist. I know so many of you will say I never criticize the police, read my critique of the George Floyd arrest. The difference is, again, I don’t base my opinions or arguments on emotion. I base it on facts.

We’ve already lost sight of the facts. We’ve already decided that police have no right to protect themselves. No right to do their jobs. We’ve already decided that it’s the police who are the enemies. Not the criminals.

We’ve really lost our sight.



  1. Why oh why do people keep asking …..why? Are you kidding me? There is so much information out there that the Govt, Banks/Corps and FAKE NEWS are all in cahoots with each other you have to be living under a rock not to know this….

    THEY……..whomever exactly they are…..want to own the planet and turn you all into slaves. Pure and simple. Don’t believe me? Go back under your rock then.


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