Black Man Shoots 5-Year-Old In The Head Point-Blank, But The Race-Obsessed Media Don’t Care


Every day, corporate media commit sins of omission and commission. In their current scramble to shine a spotlight on what many leftist journalists deem “systemic racism,” they have elevated the deaths of black Americans at the hands of white people, while turning a blind eye to black-on-black crime as well as white victims of black perpetrators. Today, their grave sin of omission involved the execution of an innocent 5-year-old boy.

On Sunday, 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, a black man, allegedly killed white 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant while the child’s two young sisters looked on. While Hinnant was riding his bike in the front yard of his father’s North Carolina home, Sessoms, his neighbor, reportedly ran across the yard and shot the child in the head point-blank. One neighbor witnessed the incident, as did the boy’s 7- and 8-year-old sisters.

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David Nichols

August 17, 2020

Whenever a Good Child Dies, an Angel of God comes down from Heaven and takes the Child in His arms and spreads out His Great White Wings and Flies with Them over all the Places that They Loved during Their Life… And then the Child carries a Large Handful of Flowers up to GOD.”
The Angel – by Hans Christian Andersen

George Floyd was a 46-year old Felon, High on Fentanyl, and He got 4 Televised Funerals and 70 Days of Riots.

What did 5-year old Cannon Hinnant get?





  1. A drugged up black criminal is killed by a white cop and nationwide riots ensue. A little white child is executed while riding his bike by a black man and silence from the left. No riots. No media outrage.

  2. Randy P and Louis, your comments suggest you are racists. NW layed off a professional news man recently and one of the comments called the new news person taking over Emily Lazabrown. Not her real name.

  3. Most of todays media outlets are owned by large corps. They have an agenda and dead white children (white adults white teens etc) are of no importance. They do not support the narrative.
    People of colour commit atrocities and its because white people treated them badly or mental illness. White people get a parking ticket and they have no respect for the rule of law.
    It seems that embracing the diversity or diversity equals strength might be BS .

  4. Robert Williams

    That was me. Emily Lazabrown is a brown supremacist…….What?You think that only WHITE people can be racist? You obviously know very little about the rest of the world. There is a slave market in Africa everyday. Where is the outrage?

    Emily Lazabrown goes OUT OF HER WAY to call white people racist and white supremacists every single Saturday for years now. Now she does it full time they canned the old white guy. People are waking up to this BROWN Supremacy. Maybe you should too….


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