Terry Schintz Gone from CKNW – A Corus Cut??

Terry Schintz
Terry Schintz
I’ve done my last newscast on @CKNW



My thanks to every fellow newsie and all those many listeners. I’ll treasure my decades at my long time work home. Thank you all


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  1. Another good newsman bites the dust, only to be replaced by incompetence. That leaves only Gord in the AM and John in the late PM. Other than these two the newsroom “Readers” are a bunch of amateurs. Obviously money talks and you get what you pay for. Whoever made this brain dead decision is the one that should go. Another nail in the coffin of a once proud newsroom. News 1130 here I come.

  2. There was once an overnight intern on CHED that actually stumbled over their NAME during a “news” break.

    I use the term “news” in quotes as each half hour update was exactly the same as the previous. Apparently, nothing happens in Edmonton even though I see police action and fire calls all the time.

    I stopped listening to CHED years ago so I’m curious as to how this intern did in the industry. Probably a station manager by now?

  3. While NW hasnt been a force in news reporting for many years now this man was a leftover from better days at NW. His leaving just empties the already dead newsroonm at NW

  4. Replaced by young little Emily Lazabrown the Brown Supremacist. I’m serious. Every Sat morning she spews two specific types of garbage. Anti Trump rhetoric and some kind of “white supremacist” garbage……..

    The FAKE NEWS is FULLY in the hands of the communist Bolsheviks……..its 1917 all over again.

  5. Schintz was NO Saint by any means. He spewed the “Trumps Russian election meddling” BS everyday many times a day for 3 years like a good little Bolshevik.

  6. So sorry to see this departure from the once proud newsroom. As others have noted above, this leaves only Gord MacDonald and John Copsey (the latter an acquisition from News1130 after a round of cuts there) with what one might describe as experience, presence, and gravitas.. And now we have another news manager taking over. The remaining newscasts are, unfortunately, all too often, cringe-worthy.

  7. After looking at all the comments on Terry’s twitter page, One has to wonder, Just what did Terry do to turn off his buddies, and support the bogeyman because of fear they have for loss of job. Perhaps it’s time for a moral change over and start reporting the facts, instead of giving us the company narrative. Your first assignment Mr. Schintz is to expose the directive and commands of the extreme left leaning American hate Trump PD Larry Gifford. Since he took over command, what direction did the newsroom all of a sudden go, or swing to. What concerns me more is Gifford has been assigned pd at the Edmonton and Calgary News talk radio stations, CHED and QR77. Global, Corus, Rogers, Bell are globally owned companies, and their job is to bring Donald John Trump down. These are Deep State operatives. I’m sure PSR would be more than willing to publish your story Terry, the whole and truthful story that is.

    by the way, would NW and Corus ever publish this story??

    Brian M Everaert
    6 hrs ·
    Trump is laughing at Freeland tonight. She won’t back down? She couldn’t even show up for the official signing of the USMC deal. Trump will swat her off like a flea. This is what happens when you use your media to run down the President of the USA and you run around like a bunch of spoiled brat politicians. Maybe their buddies at the WE charity can figure out a deal. The Liberals need to go…they are not fit to lead Canada!!!!! When Trudeau made the choice to not attend the signing of the USMC he made a big mistake!!! China is shipping aluminum into Canada that is ending up in the USA. Again the Liberals choose China over our partners and Canadians.

  8. Mid 70’s and been listening to NW for 60 plus years. Now at the point of never listening because of poor people and poor coverage. Moved on.

  9. I’m surprised at the pro-Trump comments displayed here and by those people who purport to know how things run at ‘NW.
    Terry Schintz will be missed, not only by loyal listeners, but by the staff members he so professionally supervised.
    I wish him well in any and all future endeavors.
    Terry, be happy and healthy. Good luck.

  10. @Terry Bell, who wrote:

    “I’m surprised at the pro-Trump comments displayed here […]”


    Q: Why, Terry?


  11. I hope it was his decision. CKNW has gone downhill for years. Way too much advertising, promos and Jon McCombe announcing what you are already listening to. Too much joking around. Miss the serious political talk and just good talk. Think they are allowed 6 min segments before the 6 min of ads and promos happens. Gave up but every so often check to see if anything has changed. Not yet. Always disappointed. Hope you find something more enjoyable Terry.

  12. Have to agree with T. Bell. This site has been hijacked by people outside the media business who purport to know what’s going on inside. I’ve worked for Larry Gifford and some of the best program directors in North America. To a person, their passion is radio and not politics. To those of you who listen, I can assure you, not once did Mr. Gifford or any other manager dictate a political policy. Their main concern is helping hosts and those working in the background, hone their craft, produce the best on-air product possible, improve ratings to give the Sales Department their best shot at getting and maintaining long-term advertisers. End of story. Conspiracy theorists who crave the notion of a deep-state media, are not only dead wrong, but on the wrong site to spew their nonsense.

  13. Cknw is a joke now. How across the entire network does every host have the same opinions? Hate trump. Everything Fauci or tam says is golden. Refusing to have debates on both sides. Your a tin hat if no to vaccine but would never bring on a guy like RFK to fight against the spew all these mouth pieces say. It’s a leftist media now. I hardly listen to the fake news. For instance global says pandas have to leave Calgary Zoo for lack of bamboo….. How about panda diplomacy which has been going on since 680AD to the present. It’s a joke

  14. Well, Warren, why don’t you tell us about your experience (s) with major market program managers. Otherwise, you’ve made my point…an outsider looking in.

  15. @Broadcast Babe
    First, a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.
    The question is not about the passion for radio and broadcasting that Larry Gifford et al. have. I am sure that Larry and others have indeed a passion for the business. Passion is good. The Kielburgers have a passion for charity work.
    What we are talking about here is the equivalent of systemic racism: systemic reporting bias. You many not actually know that you, or Larry or your other colleagues have systemic reporting bias and need to seriously examine your broadcast privilege. You and your colleagues have been able to grow within the broadcast media industry because of this broadcast privilege, which is a product of systemic reporting bias. This growth has excluded people who do not show this bias. People who would report both sides of the picture.

    Ms. Broadcast Babe, in my opinion, I believe you are overlooking a couple of points with regards to politics, media and PSR.

    The Media is Politics now and to say that program directors are apolitical is observably false.

    Secondly, PSR is illustrative of exactly what the internet intended. Information and debate. A community of people who share a common interest, and realize that things that are tangential or directly affecting this interest, such as politics, are worthy of discussion. Most of us who make political comments also comment on various personalities and artists that are presented on this site. And we also have heated debate at times.

    In my opinion, you are not seeing the site for what it is because, again, in my opinion, I would say you yourself may have some of this Broadcast Privilege. I say this because the greatest identifying feature of systemic reporting bias is the use of the term “conspiracy theory”.
    That term is always used to shut down debate, never to expand it. That is not journalism, that is not reportage, that is not democratic. It’s the opposite. It’s why we criticize the stations and the program directors and the like when we see wall to wall systemic reporting bias. We want better. We don’t want echo chamber. We want discussion and insight. CKNW was at it’s best when it had hosts who would take in callers. Of all variety. When Rafe or Bill actually had to defend a position that they had, or make the caller defend theirs. It was a winning formula. Now it’s just a place to promote the narrative , to hector non-believers and go all Karen on everyone else.

    Why do we comment? Why do we seem snarky at times? Why do we praise elements of some broadcasters that we feel is going in the right direction but woke-folks think is in the wrong direction? We do it because we care. We want to turn on our favourite broadcaster in the morning and start our day with useful, actionable, factual and entertaining information. We want the CKNWs and the TSN1040s and CBCs to succeed. Their mandate is to serve the general public, that is why we allow them to use the broadcast airwaves. They serve at our pleasure, meaning they are supposed to reflect and be relevant to all of their broadcast envelope, and not just pander to their cause du jour.

  16. Sounds like NW going to go way more digital. Just came across this on Northwest Broadcasters.

    8/07/20 – Following the announced departure of CKNW AM 980 Vancouver Radio News Manager Terry Schintz yesterday, the news radio team will be reporting to Digital Managing Editor Laura Baziuk, who is a former anchor/ reporter. She left ‘NW in February 2016, but returned this March in her new role.

  17. Broadcast Babe…..if you think Larry Gifford has done a good job as PD, I have some waterfront property in Arizona to sell you, for the most part he has been a disaster, just look what he has done to the newsroom In the last few years, that sums it up.

  18. What is disappointing about Corus is they too have pulled left of centre. We already have Bolshevik CBC radio and there isn’t a voice out there to balance the reporting which Corus did at one time. Larry Gifford is a democrat and clearly isn’t a fan of Trump and what is disturbing is that Corus had to go to the USA to find someone to run their talk. How about Troy Reeb? Just read his twitter feed and isn’t shy about being anti Trump. And then there is good old Charles Adler a shell of his former self. Since heading out to BC, Charles has lost more than a step. In fact he has stepped right into into the land of the left. Sadly balanced reporting is gone as have the real journalists who have been put out to pasture for click bait and opinionators. And Broadcast I am not an outsider hijacking this site.

  19. George in Richmond

    Your comments above should be read by every single media person right Across the Globe, at the same time every consumer of news should also read your comments .

    Broadcast Babe, Terry, and Program Directors everywhere should re read your comments every single day for as long as it takes them to appreciate the points you have made .

    Really well said !

  20. Colin: “It’s a leftist media now. I hardly listen to the fake news.”
    Two sentences, obviously borrowed from Trump.
    Warren: “Spoken like good former Corus ass-kissing employees.”
    Never kissed any butt. Just spent 51 years doing my job.
    I came here to say some nice things about a man I worked with and respected. Somehow, that mission was stolen from me.
    Be well, Mr. Schintz.

  21. @BMCQ your comment is quite generous. I actually tried to reflect what I have been reading from all the people here at PSR. My comments were intended to be encapsulating rather than a personal rant. My thanks for your kind words.
    @Terry Bell I would say that up until you commented on position #13 on the batting order, for the most part, the comments seemed to be positive of Mr. Schintz with feelings of loss to the radio community and head-scratching as to the whys of his departure. There was the peppering of politics but I would say not over the top. It was your comments, at position #13 that got the political ball rolling, me included. Mea culpa for myself getting into rant-mode, but all things considered, in my opinion, your comments threw some fuel into the fire.
    Mr. Bell. Many people do a lot of work for many years. Some people are lucky and find their spot at an early age in an industry that supports their growth and longevity. The greatest irony is Mr. Schintz found himself at the right place at the right time and should be congratulated for the body of work he has put in. I myself extend my congratulations. However, only today is he finding out what it is like for so many who have found themselves to not be at the right place at the right time and are struggling to make lemonade out of lemons. Some for a whole lifetime. For those people, I extend my congratulations also. Especially as they will never be recognized for it or have any second or third party sorrow felt for any of their losses such as what is expressed for Mr. Schintz.
    Mr. Schintz. “Thanks for all your work”
    Mr Schintz. “Welcome to the kicked-in-the-a$$ club”

  22. @TrumpetPlayer
    Actually there are two elements at play with the “hang up” at @14
    First why should anyone in the journalism/reporting/broadcast industry be surprised at anything? It should be quite clear to any observant person that in the realms of human activity, any and all things are possible. I am not in the broadcast business and nothing really surprises me anymore. I would expect Mr. Bell to be much more world-wise in this regard.
    Second, I do have to agree with Mr. Bell’s statement that I have no idea how CKNW runs and how Mr. Schintz involvement may or may not reflect in it’s running. However, I do know that the end product is not as what many of us expect it to be and the end product is itself a refection of how the place is run. And we are entitled to comment as we, the Canadian citizenry allow broadcasters to send their product over our airwaves.

    Although I don’t know much about the broadcast industry I do take pride in the fact that, unlike Natasha Fatah at CBC, I do know how a sailboat works.

  23. Look, the Mainstream Media is mentioned in this twitter post:

    Pepe Lives Matter

    The truth: Hollywood, The Vatican, Washington DC, and the Mainstream Media are all complicit in crimes against children.

  24. More from Twitter:

    I E T ∞

    The libbies think it’s about R vs D. They don’t realize we don’t care about either. We want Good people Over EVlL TREAS0N0US baby kiIIin RAPlSTS

  25. From Twitter:

    Ryan Fournier
    Trump: Authorizes $430 million to fight sex trafficking.

    Media: *crickets*

    Our media is disgusting.

  26. Why aren’t the “Industry Professionals” all over this extremely important sex trafficking file ?
    Hmmm… there must be a reason.
    What could it be ?

  27. To: Broadcast Babe.

    This site has not been hijacked as you have asserted. You would be wise to read the “About” tab. In fact it is operating as intended. (I for one like to keep up with the coming and goings and find the politicization of the media disturbing and fascinating.)

    In case you haven’t read it…………….

    “Puget Sound Radio (PSR) has always been the beacon of the media industry, allowing freedom of speech and comment on everything under the radio umbrella (what some people refer to as gossip).

    This is why PSR has the web activity it does. Thousands of different people come to PSR on a regular basis, because they don’t know what to expect – whether it be the latest ratings release, to industry news, or even some stories that otherwise would not receive the light of day in Corporate media. Like it or hate it, people have an opinion on it, and you’ll find that here.

    PSR does not allow comments that go too far. We monitor the site with vigilance, allowing people to have their say, yet do it professionally.

    Puget Sound Radio can be compared to talk radio. Our job is to get people proactively engaged in what appears on our site. The numbers suggest we must be doing something right.”

  28. Fake News

    Perhaps we might get the answer from “Really Fake Nooze”, Broadcast Babe”, Brian Stelter,
    Jake, Don Le Mon, Anderson, Cuomo, Morning Joe, Rachel, CBC, Global, or BBC later today .

    No doubt they will all be following and reporting on this story .

  29. Broadcast Babe when your PD is on Twitter telling everyone how he thinks you dont have to go too far to figure out which way you have to lean to get on his good side.

    Its almost like the NW newsroom is located in WA state. I was listening in my car Saturday afternoon and the lead story on the hourly news was spending a minute on a story about Trump pushing for a new payroll tax in the US. Who the hell cares about a US payroll tax in Vancouver Canada? Yikes!!!

  30. So very sad to hear that Terry is gone from the once great NEWS station in Vancouver!!! You always were very professional on the air and off. Thanks for all the great years!
    Now we have announcers who stumble over their words time after time after time! Oh well…….the once proud news Teams are now just a repeat of all the Global news stories from the TV.
    Sorry to see you go Terry, but I’m thinking you are actually happy about it!! Good luck Gord!!

  31. I have to agree with Terry and Broadcast Babe. CKNW is currently the #1 radio station in Vancouver, yet commentators on this site say it’s not anything like “the good old days”. Of course it’s nothing like the good old days, it’s a station that has evolved and grown over the years (and it’s still Vancouver’s top news radio station).

    Also, having worked with many of the current and former employees there, I can tell you that they are all incredible and talented workers.

  32. When one happens to be a Four in a Sea of Two’s one can claim superiority .

    Being “Woke” and having a narrative that opposes anything that might lean Conservative is just simply not fair, balanced or honest .

    Please re read the comments of mark two or three up this page and then follow the CKNW PD on Twitter, that will explain a lot .

    CKNW and Global are still calling “Riots” mostly peaceful protests, please explain that to those that have had retail, restaurants, and other storefronts Fire Bombed and or Looted .

    YOU, CKNW, Global, CBC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and other similar media outlets are certainly entitled to your own opinions but YOU are NOT entitled to YOUR own set of facts .

  33. @G. Being the least mediocre is not exactly something to be proud of.
    I don’t think anyone is really disputing the talent and “incredible-ness” of any of the current and former employees. It certainly takes both to have a career in the broadcast industry, I can quite imagine.
    I believe what commentators on this site are saying is mediocre is not good enough. That being the best parrotter of force-fed government crib notes and NGO-talking points is not what we are aiming for here. These are the attributes of Lugenpresse, and are not what constitutes what is considered a necessary part of our democracy. Where is the press challenging the diktats of Henry, Dix and Horgan? Make them defend their position.
    Instead, we get Vance and Steele hectoring us because we are not “virus-woke” enough. Those two may be “virus-woke” but are they awake? Remember the “flatten the curve” so as to not overwhelm the health care system. For the past 4 months the system has been underwhelmed. And the curve is now non-existent. Can they wake up from their “I’m still making my full salary so I am not really affected like you” state and start acting like journalists?
    I cannot expect them to act like journalist because they are not journalists. They are talk-show hosts. They are script-readers, finger-waggers and gossip-mongers. They are adult Greta Thunbergs and when confronted with the image of somebody not wearing a mask declare: “How dare they?” And when confronted with differing opinions, “How dare you!”
    G. This may be #1 in your books. But it is a pi$$-poor performance in mine. And why so? Because maybe evolving does not alway provide a better product. Maybe Rafe, and Bill are what is to be compared with. Sure comparing today’s product with today’s competitors will give you a relative ranking. But comparing today’s product with the products of yesterday will give you an absolute ranking.
    We deserve the absolute best. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. A functioning democracy depends on it.

  34. 10 Million people contracted Tuberculosis last year.
    1.5 Million people DIED.

    Did you even know? Were you scared for your life? Did we wear masks, close the economy, cancel schools, and ruin small businesses?

    No, Why? Because the media didn’t tell you to be afraid.

  35. @George in Richmond…………………………Bravo Sir, you have hit the nail squarely on the head with your assessment of Vance and Steele, two self righteous hosts who love to get all offended at how “stupid” they think everyone else is………………must be good to be them as they both think they are perfect.

  36. G & George…ratings…how are they tallied? We’ve lived in the L. Mainland 24 years and none of our family/friends have given info on what radio we listen to.

    Recently at a neighborhood bbq we hosted, the subject of what radio we listen to came up. 41 folks, ages 31-77, white/blue collar & retired.

    In this unscientific poll, CKNW came 5th with 3 listeners…CBC was first in AM band, and QMFM first on FM.

  37. Now if they’d only stop playing Jon McComb’s program intros all bloody day long. Thought this guy retired ?! God, his loud booming voice is freakin annoying.

  38. It’s taken me awhile to realize Terry Shintz is no longer doing the news break ( I thought initially he was on vacation). So now I see. He had the best news voice and the best delivery of news every half hour. Now it’s just about his previous fill in Emily and whoever, and she just keeps stumbling over her words, literally, not the professional CKNW likes to call themselves as #1 radio for news.

  39. It’s taken me awhile to realize Terry Shintz is no longer doing the news break ( I thought initially he was on vacation). So now I see. He had the best news voice and the best delivery of news every half hour. Now it’s just about his previous fill in Emily and whoever, and she just keeps stumbling over her words, literally, not the professional CKNW likes to call themselves as #1 radio for news.
    Oh yeah, it’s time Jon McComb really retires from CKNW at least. Nothing worse than hearing a well respected man “schilling” for his former employer via his now annoying voice over and over, plus his own benefit of his retirement ad via what’s her name… even the grammar isn’t correct.

  40. We miss the wonderful voice of Terry Schintz and his perfect diction. The replacements speak too quickly, rushing over the newscasts and making mistakes. It is a great shame to lose someone with his great experience and professionalism. Why is Jon McComb still making announcements no one even needs to hear? Is he that desperate?


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