Nick Carter retires today July 31st

Nick Carter

PSR received word from a fellow we first met back in the mid-seventies at CJCA Edmonton, then caught up with him again in Kamloops…

I can not believe how quickly time flies by.  I first went on the air nearly 47 years ago.  I was so lucky as I started my broadcast career in a major market with so many talented people who mentored me.  I passed through Kamloops on a summer vacation and decided this would be my home.  My three children were born and raised here and Broadcast Centre has been very good to me.  So now the big news.  I am going to spend more time travelling, spending time with my grandkids and enjoying life.  I retire on July 31st!


  1. I remember Nick as a hard working but laid back, loyal, guy with a big heart, who could be hilarious without knowing it. It’s people like Nick who make kamloops one of the best cities to live in Canada


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