Media Bias, Distortions, Political “Spins” And Outright Lies! by Sparky Taft




by Sparky Taft

July 27,  2020


To ME, it is disgraceful how political many so called “mainstream” media have become. This includes CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and major newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post.

GONE are honest news people like Walter Cronkite and Chet Huntley. Some, if not many, of today’s “news sources” are so blatantly biased, they don’t even try to hide it anymore. It is easy to “spin” news stories and misrepresent actual FACTS.

For example, this morning, one of CBS This Morning’s lead “stories” was how cities all over the country are blaming President Trump for the cause of riots in several liberal/progressive run cities because of THREATENED Federal law enforcement to go to these cities. This is a total LIE and distortion. The cities under attack by far left criminals, especially Portland and Seattle, are happening because the local and state officials are doing NOTHING and criminals are being allowed to run amok causing damage, fires, looting and attacking Police causing many serious injuries. This has NOTHING to do with “threatened” Federal Policing actions. NOTHING!

Wake up, America! Cut through the FAKE news and realize our country is under attack by the far left – it’s all about POWER and defeating President Trump in November and electing a far left Congress and Senate to totally “REFORM” America (as Joe Biden has stated!!!!)

The far left must be REJECTED!!!


Sparky Taft is one of the west coast’s most respected and successful advertising and promotion people.  Sparky has published FIVE books, including his newest Creating Greater RESULTS with your Advertising.

“There are a lot of advertising books on the market”, Sparky says, “but none actually describe in detail HOW a business can get better results with advertising.  In researching other advertising books, I found that most of them give abstract advertising philosophies or theories, not realistic, simple solutions.”

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  1. I agree with Sparky .

    I know it is almost impossible to achieve but News Media Outlets need to report facts and then let the Voter make up their own mind .

    It is not the job of media to attempt to influence the out come of any given election, that should be left up to the voters in any given jurisdiction .

    Opinion Media should be left to do whatever they choose, it is up to the viewer/listener to decide whether to read, listen, or watch opinion people .

  2. Dear Sparkly,
    Give US your SAGE leaderSHIP and help us FIND the WAY.

    With Chet and Walter GONE, where do YOU TURN? Your sagacity leaves WE inferiors such as BUDDHA at your beckoned gall!!

  3. The one place we should find unbiased news should be on our public owned outlets. A law needs to be enacted that stops govenments from usung public broadcasters as campaign outlets.
    We are at the mercy of the owners of large media outlets. Public or private which is better


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