Oprah, Ellen & Kimmel are in BIG Trouble – So is Disney, also Why is Oprah Affiliated With These People? Birds of a Feather!!!


Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, and Jimmy Kimmel are in BIG Trouble ( TV Show CANCELLATIONS )

Young podcaster Jake Kess covers the news about the demise of their  tv shows

Pizzagate is all about Pedophila

Epstein’s Island

Lookee here, Oprah bringing young girl to Harvey…

John Of God Was Once Hyped By Oprah. Now He’s Accused Of Abusing Hundreds Of Women.




Disneyland, Pedophilia, Child Trafficking & Ghislaine Maxwell! – Ancient child sex trafficking cult


  1. I won’t shed a tear when these “personalities” disappear from what is left of TV forever.

    During the pandemic, PBS ran a Downton Abbey marathon, Vision is running Grantchester and Vera, among other fine shows.

    Even CBC is doing their bit by re-running Schitts Creek.

    There is good stuff out there and there would be more of it if these “personalities” would simply self-destruct and go away.

  2. Do not watch any of them, .

    I am sure I would not see eye o with Oprah on a lot of things but it does appear she has done some good work and provided support for various causes .

    The other two ? know nothing about Ellen at all but I do know enough about Kimmel to say he is not much different than most of the rest of the PC, SJW, Hypocritical Celebrity types, “Do as I say but NOT as I do” .

    Who would listen to a celebrity about anything ?

    Why would anyone watch any of the Celebrity Worship Shows that seem to be everywhere today ?

    Can you imagine getting anything worth while coming from the mouth of Snoop Dog, George Clooney, Kimmel, Colbert, the Kardashians, Lebron, or any of the other multitude of ill informed celebrities held up by media as someone to listen to about anything ?

    I would rather rely on the information I currently get from our Golden Doodle .

  3. I recall during Hurricane Katrina. A great amount of hurricane-displaced people were packed into a football stadium for shelter and aid.
    Oprah parachutes in (figuratively speaking) “Oh my gawd, it’s Oprah!!”. Tells everyone from high up in the stadium: “Y’all become stronger people after this experience” and then basically buggers off.
    Oprah. What a piece of work that thing is.

  4. Oh, and by the way. In the photo above. The ring that Oprah is sporting.
    It’s not just a bauble. It is significant.
    For “them’s that know”, it explains the animus. Randal more than likely knows.

  5. Louis

    Very astute ! I am impressed .

    I hope someone in Media reads your comment and then repeats it on a News Broadcast somewhere, anywhere .

  6. Louis and BMCQ

    Your astute observations illustrate that it’s a Cabal. And it’s birds of a feather and all that.

    And, right now, they are fighting for their very lives. The 4am drops are getting so blatant and pernicious, that even normies are starting to clue in.

  7. The picture of the girl with Oprah and Weinstein it looks as if she is scared. Her lips are pressed tight and thin, her eyes look worried and she is holding onto Oprah as if she wants her to take her away from Weinstein.

    This whole pedophile stuff including the new WAYFAIR stuff is very disturbing.

    If and God willing when this cabal of degenerates fall, the state needs a hang man I WOULD VOLUNTEER!


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