Ron Robinson Retires from Puget Sound Radio (Updated)

Ron Robinson

Long time friend and radio man Ron Robinson now in his 87th year, has retired from Puget Sound Radio.

Since 2006, Ron’s baby has been presenting our daily feature called ‘Today in Broadcast History‘ as well as the posting of many, many articles about the industry over the years, not to forget the challenging task of helping sort out the Numeris radio rankings which is a monumental task, something we’ve all been able to accomplish in long order, not short! lol

Thanks for all your help and great efforts over the years Ron, and Happy Retirement!




As for ‘Today in Broadcast History,’ Yours truly, Mr. PSR, Michael Easton have now taken over this history of the Industry, which thanks to Ron has been well preserved. I salute you for your service to me, psr and our many followers. Thank you Sir!









  1. It’s been a while, Ron but you’re always in the back of my mind. You offered me two opportunities back in the early ’60’s. I took the one in Prince George and never looked back. After 51 years in the business in P.G. and Vancouver I have enjoyed my retirement for the most part. I still rail at the mistakes I hear on various radio and TV stations. You helped me stay in touch with your various items here on PSR. Thanks for all of it!

    Enjoy your ‘days off’, Ron.

    All the best.

  2. Thank you for all the hard work, and also thank you a thousand times over, for your help in getting me started in ‘the business’. Enjoy the retirement, sir.


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