Has Canada’s Media Been Instructed to Stand Down So Canadian’s Won’t Know What’s Happening?


Image may contain: texthas media been told to Stand

It’s Amazing what almost $600 million dollars from the feds can do… are there any honest journalists out there who care to cover and investigate this story? A message to all Canadian Patriots, It’s time to take a Stand NOW!


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  1. The only honest journalists you’ll find in Canada willing to cover this (AFAIK) are Rebel News, True North and Canada Free Press. You won’t find any of the bought-off liberal media in attendance, and especially not the state media lapdogs the CBC.

  2. Maybe they are paid off, maybe they are not, I suppose a connection could and should be made but I honestly believe that a very high percentage of them are simply of the same ilk of the activist leftist anti free enterprise politicians they fawn over at every chance they get .

    Then there is the fact that those same media very rarely challenge any leftist/Liberal Politician on anything that counts .

    Of course it does not help that from K through University/Journalism School they are taught by
    educators that wholly buy into the leftist ideology, that just about explains why media for the most part are supporters of the left .


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