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From: Ken

Subject: radio host freedom of content



I recently came upon your site. Long time listener of local radio. Today, July 5 at 5pm, radio host Lynda Steele of CKNW did a segment defending her position that her “boss” does not tell her what to say on her show. In typical MSM fashion they defend the extreme position, ie not micromanaged and scripted.

Can you find someone to write a balanced article regarding how much freedom hosts have in corporate radio and whether there  is a underlying pressure to conform.

Or put another way, while hosts may be given plenty freedom to discuss topics, they know where their boundaries are and where they dare not tread; no different than any employee in the workplace. Thanks for considering.



  1. Ken

    I can safely bet that there are thousands of listeners out there that just like you would want the truthful answer to that question .

    I wonder how we might get that answer from those that work at CKNW ?
    Would they honestly tell us ?

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