“Circling the Wagons” to defend the devastatingly embarrassment (to the NYT) by BCMQ



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July 15, 2020


Well, it looks like the New York Times, MSNBC, WAPO, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, L.A. Times, Global, CKNW, CBC, BBC, and so many more Leftist Activist Liberal Media Outlets will be “Circling the Wagons” to defend the devastatingly embarrassing (to the NYT)  resignation and opinion piece for now former NYT Editor Bari Weiss .

I DARE YOU to read this and I then DARE YOU to discuss this on CKNW today, what are the chances of that taking place ?

Probably NONE as it does not fit the narrative of the Top Mensa Member that is the PD at NW, how very sad .


Next to Covid 19, the Pandemic which originated in China the Bari Weiss story is perhaps the most important news event of 2020 and it will be buried and it will not be reported on anywhere . Do you think Tapper, Don Le Mon, Cuomo, Rachel, Morning Joe, or any of the rest will address the Weiss resignation in any serious way ? No they will not, some might give It a quick read but there will be no opinion, discussion, or debate about what Weiss needed to say . A Tragedy for sure .

We are all too often so very quick to label anyone and everyone “HERO”, well guess what, Bari Weiss, is a True Hero, she is the best of the best, simply because she is willing to hear other voices, other opinions, and other points of view even if those opinions differ from hers .

The very sad thing other than the fact she more than likely gave up the “Dream Job of a Lifetime” is the fact that those Liberal Media Outlets mentioned will do everything they can to “Bury” her Opinion Piece and Resignation, now that is a very sad commentary on Media today .

Below I have attached a very well thought out, insightful, and analysis opinion piece by the New York Posts

Barry Goodwin, we best pay serious attention to what he states .


The whole Bari Weiss story from start to finish should be discussed very thoroughly on media and the story should get big attention in Journalism Schools right across Canada, the U.S. and the EU, where freedom of thought and opinion are now controlled by the MOB, the PC, SJW, Antifa, BLM and other NOW “Hate Groups” . What a sad commentary on our society, certain politicians, educators who for the most part DO NOT Teach today they now from K through University simply INDOCTRINATE, it makes me sick and it should make ALL parents sick no matter what their politics might happen to be . Yes, of course about70% of the educators ae fair and balanced and are dedicated to their profession and the students but let us be honest, there is NO ROOM for differing opinions, again, no room for argument, discussion, or debate, it is only the opinion of OAC, De Blasio, Lightfoot, Financial Guru Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart, or before him Mumbles Robertson, Canadian PM Justin, Bowser, Garcetti, London Breed, Durkan, Newsome, and a few more, god help us . Am I allowed to invoke the name of the Lord ?

I would very much like Media, any Media to somehow take a good hard look at how “The Tail is Wagging the Dog” , how has the majority of Contributing Tax Paying, hard working citizens allowed less than 10% of the population to take it all ? Think about that for just a minute .

Bruce Allen

I like Bruce and about 85% of the time Bruce holds the same opinion as I do, so he is mostly correct on any given subject .

I do not mind his colourful description of those in our society that just take, he is the lone wolf that many Tax Payers and seniors who built the Country can rely on . Bruce is Great, I salute Bruce but he was really “Whacked Out” yesterday .

His biggest failing however is over the past three years or so he has come down with a severe case of TDS, (Trump Derangement Syndrome) . I am quite sure it is not fatal but it certainly has clouded his views and sometimes his opinions which are sometimes really quite bizarre  if the subject to be the U.S. or anything to do with Americans or the Trump Policies, which no matter how Bruce would like to “Spin” it are NOT always wrong .

Yesterday during his “Reality Check” poor Bruce spent the whole fawning over NY Governor Andrew Cuomo praising Cuomo for saving thousands of lives, especially seniors when in fact the story about Cuomo and seniors he was attempting to sell the “Great Unwashed” could NOT have been Further from the FACTS . Even Jake Tapper, or Anderson could have blown holes through that very flawed argument and opinion of Bruce’s praising Andrew Cuomo, it was really quite unhinged .

At first I thought my ears were deceiving me, then I thought it was Bruce’s TDS coming back, and then I thought it might be symptoms of Covid 19, but by then I was so confused I could not form any opinion of why Bruce made such a glaring unforced error . Who knows why but it should not go unnoticed .

Cuomo IN FACT was responsible for much of the carnage in New York senior Long care Homes, perhaps Bruce missed it but it was Cuomo who ordered Thousands of Recovering Covid 19 Seniors back into Long term senior care Homes where unfortunately thousands more became infected and tragically Passed away .

As Barack Obama once stated Bruce, “Facts DO Matter” . Surely Bruce should revisit this, it is only fair those that passed away and their families should Not be misled . I do not have the e mail address of Bruce Allen I would have sent this to him personally . Perhaps some could pass on to him .

Yes, Bruce is entitled to his own opinions but he is certainly not entitled to his own set of facts .




And PLEASE DO NOT forget, I am really looking forward to some discussion about the Bari Weiss resignation, the viewers/listeners will be Very impressed with your opinions .

DO NOT worry, Joe Biden says he can fix this, He would send in his Son Hunter, everything will be just fine .

“Come On Man” !!




  1. BCMQ…interesting, but Weiss being ‘the most important news of 2020’ outside of Covid? Surely you jest…like you, I’ve followed Weiss for some time and respect her courage deeply…she’ll land squarely on her feet.

    Bruce Allen is a street smart successful guy with stones. He has taken on everyone, and generally is close to the mark. He cares, and like Michael Campbell, is not afraid to speak his mind, and take any flak directed his way.
    We need more Allens & Campbell’s. P.S. Bruce does not reply to emails.

  2. Another good one by BMCQ.

    Wonder why Bruce has TDS ?
    It would be great if he would talk about the dark side of the entertainment industry in Reality Check.

  3. Bag Guy

    It is still dark outside of my office as I open PSR this am and you are already holding accountable .
    Let me explain .

    I should have said “Next to Covid 19, China, Iran, Soleimani, Ukraine PS 752, BREXIT, and so many other World Geo Political Events etc. that actually cost lives and wee disasters of one kind or another”, please accept my humblest apology .

    Hving said that, I stand by what I believe to be true in the overall way that Media cover and report on each and every one of those events and that is why I put so much importance on the Weiss very public and aggressive Letter of Resignation from the New York Times at the top of any list of Big News Stories .

    The way I view it Weiss frames exactly how and why honest, fair, and balanced reporting from ALL Media is one of he most important things of ANY Democracy .

    Without honest , factual, unbiased reporting what do the Masses really have ? All those masses then have is what is fed to them by media outlets who basically push the same insipid poisonous, manipulative, and divisive slant of reporting which does nothing to really present the truthfu; facts to the “Great Unwashed” .

    Without ALL of the facts and without the honest argument, discussion, and debate we really have NO Democracy and we all deserve better do we not ?

    We ALL need to recognize, appreciate, and thank Bari Weiss for having the courage to Stand Up and Tell It Like It Is !

    The resignation of Bari Weiss is a MAJOR News Story of 2020 .

    I might not even agree with more than say 50% of what she writes but we must respect and thank her for her courage, I for one salute her .

    As I stated I like Bruce a lot, but his “Reality Check” was so far from the actual facts on Tuesday that Bruce needs a “Reality Check” and I attempted to challenge that with attached facts .

    As I believe I also stated I understand that Bruce has a severe case of TDS but that is absolutely NO excuse to state publicly that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo did the right thing by Seniors in Long Term case Homes, that is just wrong and it is crazy .

    One thing I learned very early in life, whenever proven wrong one should first acknowledge that fact and then one must learn from the experience .

    I am never too arrogant or dishonest not to admit a mistake and learn from it, that is how we grow as people kind .

    I share your comments about Michael Campbell Campbell, I find it odd how so many seem to dislike him, I listen to all of his shows and I learn something every time I tune in live or at my desk early Monday mornings while listening on Audio Vault .

    BTW – Now that I have mentioned Audio Vault, I suggest you spend a few minutes and tune into the Bruce Reality check on Tuesday where he fawns over Gov Cuomo and then come back and tell me I am mistaken .

    Still dark and I managed to complete this .

  4. I noticed some Twitter posts by CKNW hosts including former host like Bill Good claim the CKNW/Global have never told them what to talk about or believe.

    It’s comical and them in denial. First CKNW/Global do not hire anyone who already is not apart of the liberal narrative. They only allow a bit of flexibility of POV between hosts, producers and editorialists like Bruce Allen who is not a true conservative on air anyways, neither is Charles Adler, he has been whipped from his more conservative ways back at CJOB.

    So being CKNW / Global (same can be said for most MS outlets) do not hire especially on air staff who do not already KISS THE RING, management does not have to tell them anything, only mild inference is enough to keep these on air hosts and producers IN LINE!

    So Bill Good and all the others are correct in a way but are all indoctrinated before they ever got on air.

    IE: Jody Vance’s TWITTER pic is her headshot with a Baa baaa silly black mask (muzzling ) on her face. CASE IN POINT! PROOF POSITIVE!! THEY KNOW WHO BUTTERS THEIR BREAD!!!

  5. All that happened on Bolshevik_KNW today was Jody Vance pushing the enchantress Bonnie BILL GATES Henry and her BS on this FAKE virus. Yes…..it’s fake. I have MANY people in my circle that are in the healthcare field. In Canada that means GOVT and you MUST do what GOVT says in Canada or you are fired. Privately….any thinking person knows this is a hoax. NO ONE can tell you how people “die” from COVID. Because the most common example…..is pneumonia….which is a bacterial infection.

    Nevermind the FAKE FRAUD PCR test. A tomato tests positive. A goat tests positive. A guy killed by a gunshot wound to the head? Positive for COVID. You get the picture.


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