NAB Blasts FCC Over Proposed Fee Increase during COVID

By Radio Ink               


In comments submitted to The FCC Monday, regarding a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to raise regulatory fees on broadcasters, the NAB says The Commission has failed to explain how and why they are raising those fees.

The NAB says the Commission has failed to explain its rationale as to how its methodology for determining regulatory fees is grounded in Congress’s directive to determine such fees by the benefits received by the proposed payors. “This abject failure is compounded as the Commission proposes increasing fees on radio broadcasters not only where the Commission’s overall budget remains flat; but also, where broadcasters are facing unprecedented harm to their operations as a result of the current pandemic.”

The NAB says the Commission should not proceed with its proposed regulatory fee increases, “when those fee increases could jeopardize the ability of struggling broadcasters to stay on the air, and when the Commission’s approach violates the law by not properly explaining the basis for the increases nor tying them to any discernible increase in the work performed on behalf of broadcasters or the benefits received by broadcasters as a result of the Commission’s efforts.”

Read the comments the NAB filed HERE


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