Dixie Chicks officially change name to The Chicks


Then release protest song ‘March March’

(L-R) Emily Strayer, Natalie Maine and Martie Maguire in the Chicks’ — formerly the Dixie Chicks — ‘Gaslighter’ music video, released on March 4, 2020. Columbia Records / YouTube

American country trio the Dixie Chicks has officially its name to the Chicks in wake of the anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests triggered by the killing of George Floyd last month.

Albeit brief, the Wide Open Spaces hit-makers made the announcement on Thursday (June 25) via an official press release. It reads: “We want to meet this moment.”

Though it was not acknowledged by the Chicks specifically, multiple news outlets (including Variety), reported that the decision followed discussions around the appropriateness and historical associations with the word “Dixie.”

Dixie was used as a name for the Southern/Confederate states in the U.S. during the American Civil War — it came just before the abolishment of slavery in the U.S. in the late 19th century.

Along with their brand new moniker ⁠— which many diehard fans have been using as a nickname for the band for years ⁠— the Chicks released a brand protest new single called March March, which was accompanied by a powerful music video.


  1. Well I’m not into country but I am aware of the long and well known history of The Dixi Chicks. Being a generally conservative country female singing group. I would not have thought they would have caved their what 20+ year history so easily.

    To think the name Dixi Chicks would offend enough that they would SELL OUT their values and long music history tells me they are obviously not very strong conservative women.

    I’m sure them dropping Dixi in their name will piss off more fans than endear themselves to the leftist outrage mob. It certainly will not bring them more fans than they probably will lose.

    I guess they were just the FAKE Dixi Chicks, for with Southern Pride they should have been able to withstand the woke leftist drivel!

  2. They are hardly darlings of the right after the Iraq war “stuff”.

    It seems more like an attempt to get some publicity.

  3. Right on Louis…they released a new album the day after losing Dixie…

    BTW the Civil War never happened..Fake News!


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