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Ben Mulroney Departs eTalk to ‘Make Way for More Diversity’


Ryan Flanagan

by Ryan Flanagan for CTVNews      Published Monday, June 22, 2020


TORONTO — Ben Mulroney says he is stepping down as host of CTV entertainment program etalk and hopes a non-white person will take his place.

Mulroney made the announcement Monday on CTV’s Your Morning – his first appearance on the program since his wife Jessica Mulroney’s reality show “I Do, Redo” was pulled off the air by Bell Media, which also owns CTV News.

That decision was made after Jessica Mulroney was accused of threatening the career of Sasha Exeter, a Black lifestyle influencer from Toronto.

When CTV announced it was removing “I Do, Redo” from all of its platforms, it said Mulroney’s conduct conflicted with the company’s “commitment to diversity and equality,” and urged all of its employees “to listen to and amplify Black voices, and not to minimize them.”

Jessica Mulroney has since apologized to Exeter, said that she respects the company’s decision and announced that she is stepping away from her work to reflect, learn and focus on her family. Hudson’s Bay, Citytv and “Good Morning America” have also severed ties with her.

Ben Mulroney addressed the issue at the beginning of Monday’s broadcast.

“I love my wife, however it is not my place to speak for her, and today we are both committed to doing the work to understand more about anti-Black racism as well as learn and understand more about our blind spots,” he said.

Mulroney, who is the son of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, said that his “privilege has benefited [him] greatly” and that he had learned from CTV’s recent special “Change & Action: Racism in Canada“.

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  1. I think he’s still going to do his red carpet interviews at the award shows so perhaps that will help fill in those blind spots.

  2. If we still had investigative journalists in this country, they would be falling over themselves trying to find out the “real” reason for his “resignation”. I assure you that this is all a smokescreen. Thank heavens for the British tabloids who seem to think that his wife is embroiled in “something” unseemly.

  3. Etalk

    Good observation, he must have managed to get a really good deal on that .

    It is not any better than the Toupees on the Mannequins that were at Woodwards Oakridge once wore when I was a little boy .


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