English media outlets avoid asking Trudeau about UN Security Council disaster

Justin Trudeau loses UN seat. The International story of the day, yet media don’t dare ask why

Only one question was asked in French by TVA’s Raymond Fillion regarding the failed race against Norway and Ireland.

by True North Wire


June 19, 2020

During Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s daily coronavirus briefing on Thursday, English mainstream media outlets didn’t bother to ask him about his disastrous UN Security Council bid.

Only one question was asked in French by TVA’s Raymond Fillion regarding the failed race against Norway and Ireland.

“We would have hoped for a different result yesterday,” said Trudeau.

“But the reality was that coming in five years later than [Norway and Ireland] gave us a delay that we were unfortunately unable to overcome.”

Candice Malcolm

Trudeau loses all the time, which is obvious to everyone except members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery https://twitter.com/SusanDelacourt/status/1273381789768101889 


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  1. Canada has been an ineffectual nation on notably foreign policy for decades, going back to Pierre Trudeau, either Justin’s father or step father depending on what you choose to believe.

    Justin Trudeau by openly admitting he sees no Canadian values, only makes our ineffectual ways more apparent.

    Why would even the totally corrupted UN Security Council want a nation like Canada on board if we bring NO CANADIAN VALUES? If all Canada’s seat on the already useless UN Security Council is just as a seat warmer, then WHO DA F**K CARES!?!

    My fellow Canadians are more and more a weak group of sitting on hands, self loathing, self righteous, virtue signalling twats who live to be more anti-American, anti western world values and look at me I care (not really) to the political choice of the day types.

    We created this increasingly bland “cream of wheat” idealism of what Canada is. It all started in the late 60’s. There were only a couple or so moments where Canada was seen as conscious by the western world. Brian Mullrony in all his flaws knew enough to stand strong with then two strong western leaders, President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher. The other time was likely our credible efforts to stand strong in our part of the coalition in 1991 Desert Storm.

    We generally elect weak, self-loathing, leftist or wrank globalist Prime Ministers since the late 60’s. Our PM’s divide our country EAST vs WEST almost all the time. They tend to be weak allies to especially the only Super power, the USA. We have been pathetic fence sitters for near 60 years now.

    We like to think the rest of the world likes Canada and Canadians, well that ship sailed many years ago. We only tell ourselves how much the rest of the world likes Canada and Canadians, THEY DO NOT LIKE US AS MUCH AS WE WANT TO BELIEVE! Why? Because we talk the talk but never really walk the walk, we self congratulate and we live to tell the world how different we are from America and Americans yet we gobble up US culture, its, good and its bad as we cluck our tongues and wag our fingers at the USA. IT’S QUITE PATHETIC!

    Back from WWII till the mid 60’s we had a culture, a sense of pride and place in the world, even being small of population. We were truly proud. 🙂

    Fast forward to the modern times especially the last 20-25 years and we faux wave our flag and our pride. THE ONLY TIME WE SHOW AS A NATION TRUE PRIDE IS WHEN THE MEN’S HOCKEY TEAM WINS GOLD MEDALS! And we do not win those as often as we use to.

    Nope, beginning mostly with Pierre Trudeau much of the way with few exceptions till today and our drama teacher Justin Trudeau we have become more or less an after thought of a nation. The one nation that we are attached to in all ways regardless of such, the USA is a nation our politicians and notably Prime Ministers and their governments often just pi$$ on. 🙁

  2. I am sure $ Millions of the hard working Canadian Tax Dollars were wasted on the failed attempt of PM Justin to secure a Seat on the Morally and Ethically Corrupt UN Security Council .

    I am quite sure that the failure to secure that seat will save $ Millions more, Canadians should rejoice .

  3. Trudeau is clearly experiencing his term in office differently than the rest of us.

    I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I think he’s a communist puppet – manipulated by China – but he is too stupid to know it and too stoned to care. Or he is being blackmailed.

    Already the Chinese are buying up our resource industries for pennies on the dollar, and Chinese birth tourism is a thriving industry. They are STILL holding two Canadians hostage in China and harassing other Canadian nationals who are still living there. Trudeau still sends them foreign aid as though they are a developing third-world country.

    Sadly, there is no effective opposition that can oust him.

    Scheer is just as stupid as Trudeau – and only Bernier had the gonads to say (and is still saying) what is needed to be said. (Watch Bernier’s interview on TrueNorth).

    The current crop of leadership wannabes will not do the trick.

    Only O’Toole sounds even remotely close to being a leader, but since he refuses to be interviewed by Rebel or other conservative media, I will give him a pass. I guess he’s too afraid of what the mean girls at CBC will say about him if he does get interviewed by Rebel or True North.

    Even MacKay runs and hides in the bathroom when Rebel asks him a question. He’s too stupid to realise that there is only one door to the bathroom and he has to come out sometime to confront the waiting Rebel reporter.

    Only Lewis can be bothered to be interviewed by them, and while she is impressive, I suspect she is too “nice” to be an opposition leader at this point in time.

    Unfortunately, unless Bernier improves his English, my sad prediction for the next election is a Trudeau MAJORITY government.

  4. Oh Brother
    Had the same feeling about Lewis…too nice, the media will steamroll her.

    Then watched her interviews on CPAC, CBC & CTV…she’s still nice and focused, but the media put bulls like Soloman & Kapelos did NOT bother Lewis in the least.

    Lewis has chutzpah!!

  5. Trudeau senior entrenched “Canadian Values” that make us a weaker nation and will continue to do so until find a way out.
    Trudeau junior is what we deserve for allowing our country at every level to cater to the pcsjw crowd.
    The very corrupt UN did us a favour by allowing the small potato to make a fool of himself on the world stage


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