Looney Left Vancouver Council turned the City I was born and raised in into a SH*T HOLE


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June 15, 2020


Good Morning.

As I type this I am listening to Jill Bennett interview the Retiring Vancouver Fire Department chief on CKNW .
Of course the Chief speaks glowingly and is so very complimentary of the City of Vancouver but let us all be very honest, the reason he is leaving Vancouver is the fact that among other things Vancouver has very quickly since the first term of Mayor Gregor Robertson, his Brain Geoff Meggs and their Council Members and now Top Financial Genius Mayor Kennedy Stewart and his MISFIT unqualified and not ready for prime time players on his Looney Left Vancouver City Council turned the City I was born and raised in into a SH*T HOLE . Oh yes,do not forget the Mensa Members on Vancouver Parks Board and their latest attempt at the “War on the Car” .

The Bottom Line with the Chief is he is no different than thousands of hard working Tax Paying citizens of cities like Vancouver he Wants to do one thing and one thing only, much like Snake Plissken, he wants to “Escape from Vancouver” . Fortunately for the VRFD Chief he has the time put in, the fact he can move to where his wife has a successful business and he has a good pension and Other benefits provided him by many tax payers in Vancouver who cannot afford to get away from Vancouver as they are stuck in Jobs downtown . Some can attempt to sugar coat this like the chief attempted to do but facts are facts, he wants to Escape Vancouver And he wants out now, he HATES Vancouver and how could we blame him . Who the hell really wants to bring children up in a city Where most of the time the downtown looks more like an ongoing scene from the “Walking dead” ?

For the past many years Vancouver (Victoria) has like many cities controlled by the “WOKE” PC SJW Leftist Activist Liberal Politicians including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and so many more is very quickly becoming unliveable for hard working tax paying citizens who need to navigate the streets of all of those cities stepping over Drug addled Repeat Prolific Offenders addicted to any given number of Drugs including Opioids, Heroin, Crack, Meth, and many more .

Many like to tell the Great Unwashed that we need more police, more legal aid lawyers, more court staff, more judges, bigger court Houses, more social workers, and more Poverty Pimps like Mayor Gregor, Mayor Stewart, more Jean Swansons, Townsends, more Jenny Kwans and any numbers of others, people say they will fix Vancouver .

Well guess what, under so called leaders like those just Mentioned Vancouver has descended into a “Cesspool of Broken Humanity”, and no one dares asks the PC SJW Politicians why they have not fixed things . It is much the same when people talk about racial injustice in the U.S., no one seems to point out the fact that when the “Greatest President that ever lived” Barack Obama was in the White House he did not solve a thing, how soon we forget .

We in fact DO NOT need more police, legal aid lawyers, more judges, bigger court houses and the rest mentioned we indeed need media, politicians and the Great Unwashed to press the so called “Learned Judges’ to hand down longer more realistic sentences and perhaps Federal Prison Sentences where Offenders undergo mandatory Drug Detox and Rehab, that way we might save a few lives, we might turn addicts into productive citizens and we might cut down on many different kinds of criminal activity .

If memory serves me VPD Statistics tell us that it is about the same 350 Repeat Prolific Drug addicted criminals that commit about 80% of the crime, some of them with over 80 convictions, if we were to get almost all of those off the street for two years or more we would cu down crime activity very dramatically and we would save the tax payer hundreds of $ Millions of Dollars, just think of home and ICBC Insurance Premiums .

Then we must also keep in mind that a very large percentage of those Homeless Drug addicted Repeat Prolific Offenders are residing In Vancouver on Non Returnable Warrants from other Canadian Provinces, imagine the court time saved, costs to tax payers, and Savings to VPD and VFD if those offenders were returned to their own province to face the courts .

Of course I could go on but the bottom line here is Vancouver, Victoria, and other similar cities will continue to lose Fire chiefs, Police Dept Heads, and many other valued civil servants that can escape because they have put their time in and they simply will choose to “Escape from Vancouver ” . Can we blame them ? After what is now taking place in the U.S. many cities there will see an EXODUS of Valued and important Senior Police, Fire and other Municipal Officials, is there any way we can manage to jettison the Elite Activist Looney Left politicians instead ? Now that would fix everything .

It makes me sick that wonderful cities like Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and so many More are being driven into the ground by Leftist Politicians that could not manage to run a Dog Show with three Dogs as contestants and manage to make a profit, why do we keep electing them ?

Media needs to step up and “Ask the Tough Questions” but will they ? All of the above is happening in far too many cities right across North America but no one seems to take notice .

WE must also keep something else very important in mind when considering the above . The U.S. will very soon more than likely offer a type of DACA to many undocumented residents say under 25 years old who were brought into the country by their parents, the “BAD Orange Man” will quite possibly offer them a Path to Citizenship and that PTC will unlike Canada take 10 years, if that DACA recipient reaches that 10 year limit with having no criminal convictions they will be given full U.S. Citizenship, if by chance they are convicted of A felony within that time frame they will be deported to their home country of Sweden, El Salvador, Mexico, or say Venezuela, make your choice . In the meantime undocumented individuals that have criminal felony convictions will be arrested and deported to their home countries, what country would want to give safe haven to anyone convicted of a serious crime .

We in Canada will then very quickly have another problem, many of those sometimes violent repeat prolific offenders convicted of rape, robbery, assaults, manslaughter and any number of violent crimes may not wait to be deported back to Sweden, El Salvador, and the rest, they are COMING TO CANADA . Canada has a uh Prime Minister that has uh declared a uh welcome to them and he has said that uh diversity is our uh strength, and we have Mayors and councils in at least Victoria and Vancouver that are soft on crime, soft on drugs, violent offenders, we provide them free housing, medical, dental, food, clothing and every thing else they want and we have hundreds of legal aid lawyers and liberal judges that will shield them from any real accountability . Hell, that almost makes me want to go out and rob a jewellery store or two, why not ?

If we as a society and media do not soon to put pressure on the Looney Left Woke Political Leaders we now seem to have in Vancouver, Victoria, B.C. and various other similar cities we are going to suffer the consequences for generations, do you want your children and grandchildren to suffer with and pay the cost for the Sins of the “WOKE” Politicians now holding elected office, do you ?

Here attached below is a good example of a now retired Journalist that takes this sort of thing on in his Vancouver based “Keeping it Real” Blog .


I am of the belief that if Harvey Oberfeld had not been blogging on his “Keeping it Real” Blog about the direct assault by the Park Board and City Council on Oldsters, Physically Disabled, Young families, and others with mobility issues by excluding them from Stanley Park by banning or severely restricting vehicular traffic the good citizens/residents of Vancouver would know nothing about the Attack on the Car . Of course Mayor Stewart and his Council are fully complicit, they would of course prefer to have vehicles prohibited from Stanley Park completely if they had their way .





  1. When you look at the left wing politicians across Canada and the USA it makes you sad. Sad that what so many of us have worked our whole life to achieve paid taxes our whole life to build raised our children to work hard and continue is being PISSED AWAY. Not a little drizzle but like a fire hose.
    Its to bad we cant erect a fence around the new utopia called CHAZ. It would be an excellent place for mayor Stewy PM Im sorry trudeau and the many other PCSJW to go and retire.
    Fire Chiefs, Police Chiefs and others that have been forced to sit and watch the decay after having spent 30 plus years to achieve what Trudeau / Stewart types can vaporize in seconds
    When your paying your income, property, payroll taxes think about people like Mayor Stewart think about PM Trudeau and try to control your emotions. Just sign the Cheque and send it to your municipal/federal tax collector

  2. And, it’s not just the “’WOKE’ PC SJW Leftist Activist Liberal Politicians.”!

    In BC, strata councils are a fourth level of government; so watch out, especially in Metro Vancouver and Victoria. These same “PC SJW Leftist Activist Liberal” ideological failings are infesting BC strata councils (HOA in other jurisdictions). Protect your condo investments; be careful for whom you vote for at your AGMs (Annual General Meetings). Consider new bylaws that prevent troubled strata council members from compromising your investments, fees and quality of life.

    Is there a ‘strata council’ news story here that is not getting the attention it deserves …?

  3. I couldn’t agree with this entire post more. I’ve worked hard, never not have a job, and I still can’t afford to live. We have homeless veterans, we have seniors that can’t afford medication or food. Yet we open our borders to criminals, terrorists, and people with illegal money, LOTS of illegal money they need to wash in Canada. Then the useless PM sends BILLIONS overseas to help other countries build things. How about we look after our own people FIRST! Get our veterans off the street, help our seniors live a decent life in there golden years. Get a control on our crime and addictions. And not only can we fault government, but how about all these famous people are from here, have benefited by us, then go to make a name for themselves by saying this is there big charity in Africa, look at me go! Just like during this pandemic, you have all these singers putting on a show asking everyone to stay home because they are! Hell if I lived in a massive mansion, with swimming pool, theatre, my own chef and house cleaners, and top it off with millions and millions of dollars, I’d love to stay home too! But some of us had to go out to work, still barely making enough to survive off of. The left nuts are destroying our world.

  4. For a guy who’s not in the ‘biz’ you’ve got a lot to say about everything, all of degenerating into poorly-written rants. Give us a break. You’re the angry old uncle everyone avoids at a family gathering. You know the one…the know-it-all who loves to hear himself talk.

  5. Louis

    Yes it is a tragedy, wonderful cities destroyed and there is no effort to fight back against the destruction set upon cities like Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, and so many more .

    I have been travelling to Seattle since I was a boy and still travel there doing business, have always stayed at the Sorrento or Mayflower Hotels, for the past 15 years or so the Mayflower as the location on 4th Ave was perfect . That is all gone now, the area around the Mayflower and what was the Bon Marche/Macys is now a “Waste Land” and so called city leaders and the Governor are letting it happen without any push back at all against Anarchists, Hooligans, and
    the Angry Leftist PC SJW Politicians .

    I love the line “Rotting from the inside out”, I hope you do not mind if I use that every once in a while . As a matter of fact I would have liked to use that phrase in the note above .


    Good points about strata .

    Those that own Strata Condo Units in various spots but particularly in YVR/Vancouver are about to get hit with a multitude of Tsunamis with huge increases in Strata Insurance .

    Some have already increased from say $ 40 K to $ 300 K or more you can search the stories .

    Interestingly enough for reasons the media will not tell you the Vancouver area (mostly Vancouver) are experiencing those dramatic increases more than anywhere else, as a matter of fact increases like that arfe basically unheard of anywhere in the U.S. , I know I have properties in the lower 48 .

    Media and others in real; estate and insurance may tell you it is the fault of Climate change and some other Mumbo Jumbo, then why is the same not taking place elsewhere ?

    The fact is over the past 15 years or so Strata Properties YVR and Vancouver have experienced
    more claims than almost anywhere else in North America, it never ends . Water problems as someput anything down the drain or toilet are part of the problem but so are other things like kitchen fires which were basically unheard up until the past few years . Then there are the hundreds of thousands of other claims some of them false .

    That is basically the same scenario that is taking place with dramatic increases in ICBC Rates, yet government is afraid to tell you the truth and media are sure as hell not going investigate and provide you with the answer as that would cause a sh*t storm .

    Call into your local radio station during open line and ask the host to investigate why the Strata Insurance Premiums are increasing so dramatically and then watch them dive for a “Safe Space” under their desk .

  6. Really Fake

    Thank you so much for the kind words of support !

    I will do my best to secure an editor sometime soon, perhaps you might like to assist .


    Please point to the rest of us here just exactly where you made a recent productive contribution in this space, I can hardly wait to see it .

    And one last thing I would like to know “Really Fake”, just how are things going in your Mommies Basement, I hope you do not feel too isolated .

  7. BMCQ…good rant & accurate observations!

    I, like the fire chief, look forward to leaving the Vcr area after 34 yrs.

    Bought an A-frame winterized cottage 3 hrs from Toronto & 2 b.r. golf-course condo (repo) near Phoenix…lots of $$$left. Cost of living in both places 40% less.

    There is a world outside the L.Mainland…

  8. BMCQ for Mayor of Vancouver.

    Really Fake News,
    So, are you an “Industry Professional”, or just a consumer of fake news ?

  9. Bag Guy – Fake News

    Most hard working tax payers that actually contribute and provide for themselves and family are much the same, we want decent incomes, decent shelter,full stomachs, garbage picked up, and more of the same you are aware of . There is no need to be a Mensa Member to figure that out, it is basic common sense whether you might be centre left or centre right, we all have basically the same values .

    People that can are/will flee cities like Vancouver/YVR, Victoria, and other cities purchase a place in the rural spots and maybe a condo in Scottsdale, an idyllic existence, as I said “Escape from Vancouver” .

    Thank God there are more people like you and others on this Blog than RFN, I hope it is not too dark in his Mommies Basement, he may need a “Safe Space” .

  10. BMCQ. Feel free to use it.
    I used to ride my bicycle from southwest Seattle downtown as a kid in the 60’s. (Also to KJR and KOL 😉 ) Sad to see the cesspool it has become.

  11. Louis,

    KOL 13 double-O, aka Kolorful KOL on Harbor Island. What a shock for this kid to see the KOL building when we came down to visit the worlds fair in 1962. It was about ten years later when I visited KJR, which seemed to be close to where KOL had been located. Was KJR also on Harbor Island? By the way, I always loved Seattle, such a shame the way the dems have destroyed it, and they have.

  12. Thanks Louis, It’s been a few years. I first heard Lan Roberts on KOL and couldn’t believe what a character he was. Talk about bringing back the entire concept of radio being ‘theater of the mind’, Lan brought that to rock and roll radio, and it was not only mind-blowing, but fantastic. Lan brought that to his show. Phil Dirt and a cast of characters. Then one morning tuning into my hero on KOL, he was gone! I was shattered, then a few months later, I found KJR for the first time, tuned into Mike Phillips who was doing noon to three, then Pat O’Day from 3 to 6 with Granny Peters proudly announcing that Lan Roberts was now doing wake up on KJR. Wow, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Moving forward forty years, when I discovered the internet and found Lan Roberts web page, I immediately sent him an email, and he got back to me within minutes. Lan was my radio hero, next would be Pat O’Day, World Famous Tom Murphy, Larry Lujack. Lan and I not only connected by email, but over the phone. The last time I spoke with him would be a couple of weeks before he passed of cancer. Had many a prayer…

  13. “NOT IN THE BIZ”
    IDGARA if people that post are in the biz . What f–king diffence does the biz have to do with wwhat the really fake politicians are doing to some really beautiful cities.
    NOT IN THE BIZ??????give me a break

  14. My understanding, as someone in the biz, this site was a forum for updates, news and views from colleagues in the print and broadcast industries. It has obviously devolved into something completely different. Just so you know, despite your attempt at self-flattery, not one person in the media cares what you have to say, unless and until you have first-hand experience and can write credibly with your view. I understand PSR welcomes all views, but it drastically diminishes ‘authoritative’ analysis of the business.

  15. Really Fake Nooze,
    Glad to hear you are in the biz.
    Are you in radio, tv, or print ?
    Are you in news ?
    What happened to real investigative journalism ?
    Are people in the biz aware of the propaganda they are pushing ?
    Can the people in the biz put a stop to the propaganda being delivered as news ?
    Who is the authority in “authoritative analysis” ?
    Do you think people are tired of being lied to by the mainstream media ?
    BMCQ is shining a light on issues that the controlled media ignores.

    Looking forward to your insights RFN.

  16. @ Really Fake Nooze

    June 16, 2020 at 1:48:58 (13:48:58), Jody Vance with guest, Global News Washington correspondent, Reggie Cecchini, stated that she went to SNOPES.COM to check out a news item, then declared she’s doing “due diligence” (…?!)

    Seriously, was this some sick joke …?

    What has – to use your word – “devolved,” is the quality and credibility of far too many, blatantly-biased, leftist on-air employees, at CKNW, CTV, CBC and Global, etc.

    That said, it’s challenging to take such elitist posts, as yours, seriously.

    My opinion.

    Ha ha ha ha !!!

    Do broadcasting/journalism schools teach students how to dig to find the actual truth ?

  18. Trumpet Player

    When it comes to dishonest manipulative reporting Jim Acosta, Tapper, Anderson, Don Le Mon, Rachel, are almost the worst, that is of course next to Vance, Cecchini, and that full of self importance “Wind Bag” Charles Adler .

    Of course I am not a Top Member of Mensa or Industry Professional like Really Fake Nooze but I really do wonder how a National Broadcaster like Global can have such a dishonest Washington Based News Reporter like Cecchini, where is management ?

  19. Really fake. A very old time tested method for a person or group that is losing a debate, argument, election etc. If you cant control the message to suit your needs KILL the messenger
    Message is that left wing sjws should not be allowed to govern. Its coming through loud and clear.
    PSR is reporting endless items on the “BIZ”. Just scroll down the page. the amount of posts that deal directly with media are overwhelming. I dont think PSR hurts itself one little bit by covering other concerns. It might be doing us all a service by going places the msm media doesnt care to go .

  20. Real Fake News
    Address not found
    Your message wasn’t delivered to gq**@te***.net because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email.

    If you wish to continue to post comments on this forum, You MUST have a credible email addy.

    How did I find out now, I sent you a thank you message for pointing out an error on this forum

    Michael Easton
    Puget Sound Radio/Easton Spectator, Connecting the dots…

  21. Really Fake Nooze

    After reading the post from Mr. Easton I can easily see why you call yourself


    Guess what RFN ? I am not even in the slight bit surprised.

    One last thing RFN, I would like to suggest that you open the curtains on the windows in your mommies basement, I do not think you are getting enough Vitamin “D” .

    BTW, how is my sentence structure, my grammar, and my spelling ?


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