Fox News’ Seattle Coverage Included Altered Photos from Minnesota


Fox removed the altered images after they were called out

Getty    A volunteer works security at an entrance to the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” on June 10, 2020.


Alert residents of Seattle noticed something was off about Fox News’ photos of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone on Friday. After looking through archives and similar photos, people discovered that some of the photos were digitally altered. Some showed an armed man from CHAZ in front of many locations where he had not appeared. Other Fox stories featured photos of a building burning in Minnesota with headlines about CHAZ, giving off the impression that the photos were of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Some of the initial discoveries about the Fox News photos were made on the Seattle subreddit. Redditor u/Rosstafari pointed out the misleading images on Reddit, writing: “Fox News’ Photoshopping of images covering CHAZ extends to intentionally miscaptioning images of burning burnings and wrecked vehicles from Minneapolis riots. Complete lack of journalistic integrity.”

The post goes on to point out some very specific images that were shared in a misleading way.

A Fox News story posted on the evening of June 11 was headlined “CRAZY TOWN” with the subhead: “Seattle helpless as armed guards patrol anarchists’ ‘autonomous zone,’ shake down businesses…” The photo showed someone running from a building that was on fire. As it turned out, that photo was originally taken on May 30 in Minneapolis and used in another story published on June 5.

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