Jessica Mulroney dropped from TV show after row over white privilege


The presenter has since apologized for her behaviour



Jessica Mulroney has been dropped from her role as a TV presenter with a Canadian network (CTV) after having a disagreement with a black social media influencer over white privilege.

The presenter – whose reality bridal show I Do, Redo has now been dropped from the network – has since apologised for her behaviour, which influencer Sasha Exeter says had left her “paralysed in fear”.

“I have felt like a complete fraud fighting for racial equality and using my voice openly here, while letting a white woman silence mine behind closed doors,” Exeter wrote in a caption on Instagram. “In sharing this very personal story, I know that I am risking a lot. Opening myself up to criticism, bullying and potential ramifications with my job in this space. However, I must speak my truth. Enough is enough.”

Exeter posted a lengthy video where she explained that Mulroney had taken offence to a generic suggestion to all of her followers to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, which escalated into a disagreement and eventually, a threat.

“Jessica Mulroney took offence to a very generic call to action that I shared on my Instagram Stories and what happened next was a series of very problematic behaviours and antics that ultimately resulted in her sending me a threat in writing last Wednesday.

“I am by no means calling Jess a racist, but I will say this – she is very well aware of her wealth, her perceived power and her privilege because of the colour of her skin. And that, my friends, gave her the momentary confidence to come for my livelihood in writing. Textbook white privilege really.

“Jessica never wanted to stand up and use her voice in the first place and didn’t understand why she needed to. This I found quite strange seeing as she is very vocal about supporting many causes so how could she not be speaking up about this issue that’s affecting everyone in the world. Also, her best friend is arguably one of the most famous black women in the world.



  1. “social media influencer” is a thing?
    Dear Lord, take me now!

    P.S. Is it just me or does anyone else get a chuckle over the Leon’s hipster commercials?

  2. What it looks like to me is that Exeter is showing her own racism and self-righteousness in her comments denouncing Jessica Mulroney for the latter’s criticism of the Black Lies Matter movement, which has recently been discovered to be little more than a money-laundering front for the Democrat Party (which is using it to raise campaign funds for Joe “Crazy Old Man” Biden while operating it under the ruse of being an “anti-racism” group which is really every bit as racist as the Democrats are themselves).

    As for the Leon’s commercials, I don’t think very much of the pretentious hipster snobs in those commercials (who even display their pretentiousness through their snooty-sounding pronunciation of the store’s name, to make it sound more high-end than it actually is).

  3. First they came for (and purged) white males on the airwaves. Now we have hardly any. Now, they are starting to target white women. Soon we will have very few. But, considering the ratings of these over-the-air broadcasters, especially CBC, nobody is watching anyway.


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