Woke Mob Comes For Tucker Carlson For Criticizing BLM


Tim Pool

June 9, 2020

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Tim Pool reports in the video above, on the attack upon Tucker Carlson over what he has to say about Black Lives Matter…


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The Full Segment with Tucker Carlson on Black Lives Matter


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  1. Black Lies Matter was never really about black lives (and what goes on in Chicago and with Planned “Parenthood”, for example, proves that). It’s little more than a white liberal-controlled front group using compliant blacks as their front, with power and control as their goal (as it is with any other liberal-controlled group or ideology).

  2. I watch Tucker quite often and if anyone is honest the Tucker editorials are fair and balanced, some may not like what he says but…….

    I am always impressed with what his researchers come up with .

    I do not think Tucker would support so called boycotts against MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CKNW, or any other media anchor/broadcaster and they all should speak up for him .


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