VPD vs. Journalism


On Friday June 5th 2020 while covering a black lives matter rally in Vancouver Dan Dicks of Press For Truth was attacked by a mob of hundreds of people while being physically assaulted then subsequently arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and assault!

In this video Dan Dicks breaks down in chronological order the events that led up to his arrest and how mob mentality and group think can be steered so easily by bad actors into very dangerous directions.


Full Video…


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  1. All the MSM media reported a ‘completely peaceful’ event..

    After watching the video, one would have to be brain dead to not think we have a lot of simple-minded angry protesters and weak police in this city..

  2. In this case probably the MSM. Another agenda driven “reporter” from an obscure rightie so-called news organization.

  3. Excellent coverage by Mr. Dan Dicks of “Press For Truth”-!

    Click “YouTube” to read supportive comments regarding the above videos.


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