Journalists Express Outrage At CNN Reporter’s Arrest


A bevy of working TV-news correspondents from a range of media outlets expressed surprise and outrage after a CNN correspondent was arrested while covering protests in Minneapolis.

Police arrested CNN journalist Omar Jimenez and his crew on air early Friday during a live broadcast in Minneapolis, as they covered riots sparked by George Floyd’s death, sparking intense outrage as well as an apology by Minnesota governor Tim Walz to top executives at the cable-news network . CNN called the arrests a “violation of First Amendment rights.” By 7:40 a.m. eastern, Jimenez had been released and was back on air. Governor Walz told CNN he “deeply apologizes” and said the arrests were “unacceptable.”

But a range of TV-news correspondents were shocked by the act, as Jimenez had done nothing to warrant being removed from the scene. Journalists from CBS News, NBC News and CNN were among those stunned by the maneuver.

“This is a professional journalist working for a network that regularly reports live from global hotspots. Wars, riots, coups. I can’t recall one of its correspondents ever being arrested live on TV for doing their job,” said Ed O’Keefe, a political correspondent with CBS News.

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  1. If by “doing their job”, O’Keefe means actually reporting the news and covering hard topics, then he’s wrong because the liberal media hasn’t been doing that for quite some time. What O’Keefe neglects to mention is that by “doing their job” (even though it should go without saying), the liberal media is lying to us, manufacturing fake news, passing off their personal opinions as “news”, twisting and manipulating facts and selectively quoting from President Trump and other conservative public figures, then taking those quotes intentionally out of context to suit their narratives. He refuses to realize that people don’t like being lied to and they’re sick and tired of being lied to by the liberal media, which is why the public has been tuning them out en masse and turning to news sources that give them the straight truth without the political spin and BS the liberal media thrives on.

  2. And yet at the same time, those same liberal media bobbleheads make fun of Rebel News’ Keean Bexte for getting illegally ejected from a public press event by the RCMP at the behest of GQ Trudeau, simply because Keean reports for a conservative news outlet. What does that tell you about the hypocrisy of the liberal media?


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