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Rush Limbaugh says cancer treatment is ‘kicking my ass’


                                                                    By Brian Flood for  Fox News        May 26 2020

“These are extremely challenging times for me, medically, nothing that million of you haven’t gone through or aren’t going through, and those of you who have, or those of you who are going though it, you understand it,” Limbaugh said. “The temptation here is to start divulging a lot of stuff, I’m not gonna do that because I vowed not to be a cancer patient on the radio.”

Limbaugh repeated that he wants to “shield” his listeners from as much as possible as he battles lung cancer.

“I’m in the third wave of treatment now. There have been many cycles but this is the third wave and, this current wave, I have to tell you is kicking my ass,” Limbaugh said.

“For the last seven days, I have been virtually worthless, virtually useless. I haven’t left the house, I haven’t done much of anything except just try to rest and relax,” he said. “It’s the price that you pay if you make the decision to go ahead and do treatment to try and prolong your life. I’m doing extremely well, all things considered.”

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  1. I enjoy nothing more than being able to drive down I – 5 from Vancouver to INDIAN Wells, to San Diego, and back up the Coast returning to Vancouver listening to Rush Limbaugh and SXM all the way .

    To me there is nothing like a nice hot day and freedom on the road not being bothered by a bunch of Left Wing PC SJW Higher Purpose People Kind “Weenies” masquerading as Politicians who ruin the lives of anyone that works, contributes to society, and is as usual over taxed .

    God Speed Rush !


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