Master Of Misinformation – 5 times CBC spread FAKE news about Covid-19


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From attacking dissident Chinese journalists to parroting World Health Organization talking points, here are five times that the state broadcaster CBC made fools of themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.
FULL REPORT from Sheila Gunn Reid:




  1. What’s with all this political crap showing up on this site recently? I thought PSR was dedicated to broadcast news. I can get this shit anywhere.

  2. This is one of the reasons why I now have CBC and its related channels blocked on my cable box. The CBC lying to us and expecting us to accept it without question goes beyond the pale, which is why Rebel News and other outlets have been calling them out for some time.

  3. CNN has completely lost it. Birx & Fauci say wearing a mask only helps when you’re indoors and can’t stay 6 feet away from people. Dr. Henry says basically the same thing here in BC, but also that masks are low on the priority list for epidemiologists.

    Yet in spite of all this, CNN chooses to send their reporters around outdoors, mask shaming people. This is strike two for CNN in the pandemic. CNN also fixated on hydrochloroquine being “dangerous” when the rheumatologists who know the drug the best say there’s no harm in experimenting with it if it may work.

    I am so glad that in BC we have level-headed epidemiologists and reporters doing a reasonable job of getting their message out.

  4. I agree with ‘Georgia Straight’. Its not easy to leave a comment here unless the comment agrees with PSR staff. Right wing or left wing views should all be expressed.

  5. Having followed PSR for quite a number of years the “BIZ” vs the political “shit” seems well balanced. Probably in the 70% biz vs 30% shit. Keep up the great work PSR

  6. Amazing how lefties who are catered to by 95% of the media with their fake news get so upset when they see or hear anything that conflicts with their view of the world.

  7. I fail to understand what Georgia Straight is talking about. This is a Media story exposing Canada’s national tv network as Liars. Obviously GS has a real problem with truth!

  8. Robert Wilson

    Were you not allowed to post your comment ?

    Please post again and even feel free to praise Kennedy Stewart, I am quite sure your post would stand .

    Prove me wrong .

  9. Just look at todays line up. About 3/4s is more aligned with just talk and views about broadcasting per se. The other, sure, politics.

    Find me another sight where Ol Blue Eyes is up for discussion on the same page as Fake News. One lowers your blood pressure, the other raises it.

  10. While the msm works tirelessly to make Donald Trump out to be a buffoon, over the last week he did the following, but you probably won’t hear about it:

    1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines

    2. Defunded WHO forever and wants an investigation into its operations

    3. Cancelled the Democrats HR6666 bill, known as the Covid19TRACE Act that was the basis for BillGates’s diagnosis and tracking project, which was also cancelled.

    4. Cancelled Bill Gates project known as ID2020

    5. Opened a complaint platform to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It was overrun with complaints. They got the evidence.

    6. Executive Order to reopen states: Governors who refuse to reopen will be sued.

    7. ExecutveOrder for W.H. to take over all Electrical Grids: Which will include Internet servers, Broadcasting systems, Electronic systems.

    8. Declares places of worship ‘EssentialSevices.’ Some mayors are fining people for going to church.

    9. Applauded Australia and 116 countries for insisting on a China Probe into the spread of Covid19 despite several threats from China about refusing critical exports.

    And the good work keeps coming. The Gold backed standard is in the pipeline and there is talk about Nesara/ Gesara. I love the Man!!!!

    He’s changing the world.

  11. Hey G.Straight…where ya been bro? This site, like most around the world, is political!
    If you don’t like PSR, piss off!

  12. Hey Patti
    First, I’m a conservative, and Trump is a buffoon.

    I give Trump props for 2 & 9, beyond that, he’s a clown.

    Bring back the Bush’s & Reagan for classy/productive mandates that included making their allies better…

  13. Bag Over Guy

    I have said this before, Trump is rude, he is at times boorish, he is abhorrent at times, he can be a bully, and he is even “Orange” but he is exactly what the USA and the rest of the world needed after being led down the very dangerous PC SJW Uber Elite Leftist Rabbit Hole that Obama, Merkel, Juncker, Tusk, Hollande, Lofven, other EU Leaders, the U.S. Dem Party, and several other Uber Elite Liberal Politicians were taking the Free World .

    In Physics “Snells Law” dictates that “Angle of incidence equals angle of reflection”, that is exactly what happened when Trump was elected after Obama, that is simply factual, people rejected the failed policies of a “Failed” President . Same reason BREXIT was voted in before Trump, the Good People of the UK rejected their EU Masters in Brussels, simple .

    Most of this story is elementary, hard working over taxed people in any country of any ethnicity, religion, or skin tone, that contribute want Control of Immigration/Migration, they want Defined Borders, and they want the ability to Defend those Defined Borders, and they do not want people settling in their country who believe their Religion supersedes the Rule of Law of that host country, thus you have BREXIT, Trump, BOJO, and many other changes to Free World Nations, those changes are basically a repudiation of those same Failed Elite Leftist Liberal Administrations and Policies .

    As moronic and stupid as Trump is at times his Policies are literally saving the Free World and we should all recognize that fact . If Trump did not make those untimely stupid and sometimes moronic statements he would not have lost the House so now he has a fight on his hands, sometimes I think Pence/Rubio or Haley might be a better option but we will see . Of course a Trump/Rubio or Haley Ticket would be victorious but I have concerns of the Trump/Pence Ticket, two old white guys running leaves me concerned .

    Regan was fine but “W” much like Bubba and “O” just sat back and fiddled while China took it all from countries like Canada, the U.S., the EU, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, many more, and Trump is now in the midst of taking it back .

    All of those Free World Nations mentioned and more need to stand with Trump and challenge China and then “Take it Back”, we have no time to waste, and the time is now .

    It is easy to fall in behind CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, Anderson, Don Le Mon, PM Justin, CBC, BBC, and the rest of the Elite Liberal Media, Hollywood, Merkel. and so many that Hate Trump and his Policies but one must look at the Big Picture and the future of your children, grand children and beyond, that is what and who The man you call a ”Buffoon“ is fighting for .

    Trump is almost out there all by himself every single day of the week, he is an Old Man but there has never been a more dedicated “Warrior” and he is fighting for you, please try to look at the alternative before you worship “W” or Biden, there is so much more to this Most Important November Election .

    Can you uh imagine what it eh would be uh like with uh PM eh Justin Leading the uh Free World in the uh upcoming fight uh for eh “World Freedom” against uh China ?

    Please give all of this a second thought .

    I would go on with a lot more on this but you have more than likely already stopped reading .

  14. BMCQ, you’re right…stopped reading. Can you not get to your point without the usual long-winded rant, especially if you’re going to repeat yourself in every post. Thank you.

  15. Really Fake

    I have a very simple suggestion for you .

    Simply Scroll on by .

    How is that for a solution to your obvious dilemma ?.

    Just once I would appreciate it if could offer something of substance, even if you happened to repeat yourself, most here would not mind .

  16. Cephas

    I could not really care less who you support politically, you are not the PSR “Posting Police” .

    Let us leave that up to those that manage PSR .

    I read nothing you post so I would ask you to simply ignore anything BMCQ puts up, that way we can both enjoy what we find of interest at any given time when visiting PSR or the Easton Spectator .


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