Michael Enright Leaving as Host of CBC Radio’s ‘Sunday Edition’


Longtime voice, 77, is signing off from the weekend program after two decades

Michael Enright is leaving The Sunday Edition to host a new one-hour program on CBC Radio. (CBC)

Award-winning broadcaster Michael Enright is leaving The Sunday Edition after 20 seasons of hosting the Sunday morning current affairs radio show to anchor a new, unique one-hour CBC Radio program.

Enright (who will be 77 this year) has been behind the microphone of the acclaimed show since it hit the CBC Radio airwaves in 2000.

“Hosting the The Sunday Edition for 20 years has been the greatest experience and challenge in my career as a journalist,” he said.

“I have been so lucky in interviewing some of the great figures of our time, travelling the world to bring home exciting stories, but most importantly, creating a binding relationship with thousands of listeners.”

Enright’s last day with The Sunday Edition will be June 28. CBC Radio will name a new host to anchor the program, which will continue in its Sunday 9 a.m. time slot beginning in the fall.

But dedicated listeners who enjoy Enright’s work will soon be able to hear him on air again, anchoring his own new CBC Radio program, which is in development.

“I am not — repeat — not retiring. I am looking forward to a brand new broadcasting adventure at CBC Radio very soon,” Enright said.

In 2013, Governor General David Johnston inducted Enright into the Order of Canada for “his contributions to Canadian print and broadcast journalism, and for advocating on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities.”

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  1. Its about bloody time. Im of the same vintage and have enjoyed Michael over the years but now he is just a stuffy old bore . Time to go Michael and give the next generation a shot Your Sunday monologue has me tearing my hair out.
    I will definitely not be listening to your new show whatever it may be. Just like Mr. Mansbridge you have had your day in the sun and i wish you all the best in the coming years

  2. Well, there goes my Sunday morning. For me Mr. Enright was one of the only reasons to listen to a very unhinged bleeding heart victim based CBC. Mr. Enright brought balance, sensibility, finesse, intelligence and moderation of views. He brought level-headed, sage professionalism and coverage that was calm and insightful. I feel Mrs. Chattopadhyay utterly to chatty and unsophisticated. Her past projects are very telling, she has covered very emotional stories that cause a huge stimulus response, for sensationalism. Cheap clicks and tricks. It makes you popular, but is that the only metric that counts? Not in my books. Let’s hope as the host of this show, she will choose more topics that are an interest to all Canadians, not her own ratings.

  3. Can’t wait to listen to Michael’s new show. I have enjoyed so many of Michael’s Sunday edition o shows over the years. He has delighted us with uplifting high quality dialogue . Also enjoyed his midnight Sunday edition. Michel’s show was always educational. Will miss his voice of reason and sensibility. So happy to hear your continuing with CBC.


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