This is why independent media is so important



by Candice Malcolm

May 15, 2020

Canadians are increasingly consuming the news online and through their smartphones.

Many traditional media outlets are struggling to adapt to the new landscape of digital news delivered through social media.

The only saving grace for the mainstream media is that the Trudeau government is tilting the playing field in their favour.

Trudeau has announced more funding to state broadcaster the CBC, a bailout to the establishment newspaper chains, and perhaps most disturbingly, a government-commissioned panel recommending jaw-dropping crackdowns on press freedom.

This includes the creation of a government registry for media outlets, heavy-handed new regulations governing content providers, codes of conduct, new taxes and fees, and a licensing requirement for media outlets.

This is why independent media in Canada is so important.

Even while the world is preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns, the Trudeau government still manages to manipulate media coverage.

Take the PM’s daily news conferences as an example.

These press sessions give the aura of a responsible and accountable government, but a closer look shows that these news conferences are nothing but kabuki theatre.

True North looked at the questions being asked of Trudeau and found that the CBC dominated these press conferences, being allowed to ask twice as many questions as any other outlet.

Meanwhile, independent online outlets like True North, Rebel News and Blacklock’s Reporter were blocked from asking a single question.

These press conferences are organized by the non-partisan Privy Council Office, so any news outlet can dial into the calls and attempt to ask a question. The individual questions, however, are controlled by partisan political aides.

These Liberal staffers chose to call on friendly reporters from left-leaning news outlets — those owned by the government, heavily regulated by the government or bailed out by the government. Independent outlets are shut out.

The fact that many of these journalists are on the government payroll is a serious threat to our nation’s freedom.

How can a media outlet remain unbiased and neutral when they’re beneficiaries of a government handout?

I don’t think they can.

I think all Canadians deserve to know the truth about Canada’s media landscape. Will you share my latest column with your friends and family?

As the mainstream media continues to echo Liberal talking points and defend Justin Trudeau’s every action, True North will continue to deliver hard-hitting factual news for Canadians.

Thank you,

Candice Malcolm
Founder, True North


  1. Things could have and should have been so much different, the Liberals and Top Mensa Member PM Justin should have never been successful in the last election but we have no one to thank for the Liberal Victory more than Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada who somehow managed to “Grasp Defeat from the Jaws of Victory” .

    Unfortunately it will only get worse, within 24 months the Leaderless and Rudderless Federal NDP will realize that they have nothing to offer and they will also recognized the fact that PM Justin and the Liberals have out greened them and have stolen their platform of socialism so that same NDP will see no future . Very soon after that the NDP will merge with the Liberals to form “The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada” and Canada will change forever .

    That move will guarantee a PM Justin for at least 3 more Terms !

    Thank you Mr. Scheer .

  2. Why on earth should we wait until 5PM to have Babes McBimbo read the latest press releases from the Public Affairs Bureaus of government departments and corporations? I can read them myself online. Some stations have such poor news departments, despite their budget, and should just schedule reruns of I Love Lucy at 5PM. Maybe our taxes would go down.

  3. The CRIMINAL TRIANGLE – Media, Banks, Govt

    These maniacs MUST be stopped. RESIST. Do NOT comply. Go outside and risk arrest. DO NOT turn in your guns. These psychopaths are outnumbered 10,000 – 1 and they know it. Govt is out of control and must be stopped. We can do this…..but it’s going to hurt.

  4. The unspoken problem remains the millions of Canadians who are going along with the censorship and really don’t care. Much like Chinese love their jobs and prosperity so they don’t really mind if their neighbor is arrested for being in the wrong politics or religion.

  5. I heard someone speculate today that Trudeau may call an election . Hes got nothing to lose. Cons are still in neutral and the Liberals are spending money that will still be on the books when children that havent been born yet become tax payers. Trudeau owes China for giving him the opportunity to buy another 4 tears

  6. Richard…start decaf tomorrow!!
    Peter W…you are correct, and da man…
    13..correction Mundo bro!
    BMCQ…make that 6 months….NDP & Greens = Deadsville
    Oh Brother….more bimbos & fewer news readers!


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