Resurfaced Video is DEVASTATING to Joe Biden’s Campaign, MEDIA Exposes How Much of a LIAR He Is


This is VERY BAD for Joe Biden. This video exposes just how much of a liar he is. America needs to see this before November




  1. Interesting that some of the stories I see here seem to be supporting the wackf**k views that got the USA to this point. Just stop it. Cant you see you’ve lost the respect and admiration of the world by electing this man? Can you not see that you are contributing to the decline of your way of life -which is slipping away as the foxes are watching the hen house. Yes, it is enabled the governments, but it is an ideology of money. The corporations have you right where they want you. Do you ever think that Jobs -I mean quality jobs are coming back to the USA? Everything is made in China -not Mexico or Japan. A US company cannot go to China and buy a company and then move it back to the USA. China would never let that happen. If you want to make America great again you will have to start over. By electing Trump you have put an idiot fox in your house. You are now, again, seeing the four letter-word “socialism” saving capitalism. Stop being a country of individuals an be a community. Have and show compassion for one another outside of your tribe, be it church, race or economic class. Stop allowing yourselves to be afraid and motivated with a cardboard boogeyman. Be a human. Actually, care and love one another.

  2. Faux Spotter:

    Nobody asked for your opinion. America lost the respect and admiration of the world the moment the Democrats illegally installed a non-qualified foreign usurper in the White House in 2008; it got that respect and admiration back the moment said usurper left the Oval Office and Donald Trump moved in after he won in 2016. And don’t go claiming that “socialism is saving capitalism” when it was the failed ideology of socialism (along with Communism, brought to you by the ChiComs) that caused this mess to begin with.

  3. fauxspotter strikes me as someone on a payroll. His job is a simple one spread horseshit as fa and as often as his limited computing skills allow. Spotter is the downside of the internet which Im sure his employer would scream needs to be regulated censored and all rifght wing views banned

  4. Faux

    So you are suggesting we should all move to china because that is where the jobs are going to remain ?

    We will be accepted in China as Immigrants/Migrants, will we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of movement ?

    Do you realize that it was Brits of all religions, ethnic backgrounds and skin colours that voted for BREXIT ?

    Do you realize that is was Americans of all religions, ethnicities, and skin colours that voted for the “Bad Orange Man” ?

    Do you believe that Obama, HRC, Bush 43, Bubba, Biden, Merkel, Macron, Hollande before him, Lofven, Juncker, Tusk, PM uh Justin, or any other of the Elite Liberal World Leadership would have or will stand up to China ?

    And just exactly who would you recommend be elected in the USA to replace Donald J Trump ?

    Please give us your best recommendation .


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