NBC admits Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet the Press’ deceptively edited Barr remarks on Flynn

Chuck Todd – Meet The Press
May 11, 2020
Critical comments by a guest on a segment of Meet The Press [NBC] are deliberately cut to present a false narrative. Take note of the clip within the link to see the full comments of the interviewee.]

NBC has ‘tweeted’ an apology, calling it a “mistake.” No shit. [“Inadvertently strikes again!”] Let’s see if NBC apologizes on air. I’m sure NBC’s fear is that an on-air apology [an admission of wrong-doing] would damage its credibility, therefore ratings and drive viewers to other networks.

The editing was clearly intentional — sleaze with an agenda. Fake news plus. We can only imagine how many times this goes on and we don’t hear about it because there are no whistleblowers.

In all my years in the news business I can’t say I ever witnessed such blatant deceitful editing by reporters, editors or producers. Was I stupid/naive … or have our standards fallen so badly? I can’t imagine any of my colleagues agreeing to deliberately doctor an interview to make someone look bad, or not speaking up when they saw it happening. There’d be a massive outcry.

I wonder if any journalists at NBC have spoken out about this?

Whoever was responsible for the fiasco should be shown the door [but I’m not holding my breath].

As as old broadcast friend puts it, “Some members of the media are not doing themselves any favours. It’s hard to go after Trump when you are phoney as hell.”

The link below goes to show how far once respectable news outlets have fallen




  1. Chuck Todd, Don Le Mon, Wolf, Tapper, morning Joe, Rachel, and all the rest would never ever report anything that favours or even treats Republicans, Conservatives, or the “Bad Orange Man” fairly or honestly at all .

    As I have stated on a previous occasion, if Trump was to walk across the Potomac on the surface of the water without even getting his shoe laces damp the headline in Liberal media would read something like this .

    “Trump can’t Swim”


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