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CNN Drops 26% In Prime Time As Fox News Dominates April Cable Ratings




CNN’s prime time hosts can only hope it will be better in the new building.

As CNN prepares to move its prime time studios and operations to a glitzy new building at New York City’s brand new–and widely reviled–Hudson Yards development, the network saw its prime time lineup drop 26% in April compared to the same month one year ago. CNN’s total audience in prime time was well under a million viewers–767,000–while competitors MSNBC and Fox News finished the month far ahead: MSNBC in second place overall with 1.660 million total viewers, and Fox News leading all of cable with a total audience of 2.395 million.

April ranks as CNN’s lowest-rated month among total viewers in nearly four years, since October 2015. CNN’s Cuomo Primetime, which has been the network’s highest-rated hour, drew a total audience of 917,000 viewers in April, the show’s worst-ever performance.

Among viewers 25-54, the demographic most coveted by national advertisers, the falloff for CNN was even more stark: down 41 percent. CNN drew 198,000 viewers in the demo, behind MSNBC (255,000) and Fox News (389,000). All three networks saw year-over-year declines in April, with MSNBC down 36% and FNC down 19%.

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  1. It looks to me like Don Le Mon, Anderson, and Erin Burnett could hold ALL of their viewers in the Cuomo Basement together and still observe “Social Distancing” .

    Could not happen to a better group .

  2. Cuomo just turned angry and goes on rants. No one wants to listen to someone who’s angry all the time.

  3. I dropped every cable package that included CNN or MSNBC several years ago and pay the monthly fee to get FOX – the only way you can get it because it’s not included in any news packages.

    I was in a store that has a wall of TVs that were on CNN – Cuomo raving in a press conference while the virus infection and death count ran along the side. I can’t believe anyone would watch that crap all day.

  4. Last Man Standing. Its a Tim Allen sitcom. Tim Allen supports DJT which makes him an outcast in Hollywood. ABC cancelled Allens show evem though it was a ratings winner. FOX picked it up and the show continues. You get the feeling that the entire cast might be supportive of DJT. The show takes a lot of shots at Hillary Obama etc
    I wonder if the Trump win in November will finally be the last nail in the CNN coffin

  5. Used to watch CNN & FOX to enjoy the ‘bunfight’…then CNN became more angry, and FOX mellowed a tad.

    Now it’s 4:1 FOX…

  6. I would be curious as to the ratings of LOCAL newscasts. Since this “pandemic” started, I have not watched any newscasts. Any news I need, I can get from the Internet.


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