(Watch The Video) The Back Story: Rockland Singer/Songwriter North Easton’s Quarantined Song/Video: “Family Boogie Challenge”

North Easton

Derrick Scott

April 29, 2020

Many songwriters get the inspiration to write a song from life, and their current experiences. Rockland singer/songwriter North Easton wrote his song out of a challenge.

“The song was actually inspired by a challenge. My daughter Pascale is living on the Sunshine Coast in B.C. with her boyfriend’s parents. They all got together one night and filmed themselves doing a family boogie…at the end, they dropped us a challenge. My brain immediately was triggered…Love a challenge. I didn’t see us doing a dance like them though…I saw a view of what people are doing on any given day while in a house, and keeping it as happy as I could,” said Easton.

“I actually stumbled on the Celtic riff while joking around with my daughter Emika. We recorded some claps and snaps…and things started taking off. ”

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