Did John Roberts of Fox News Come Out And Call Covid 19 Pandemic A “Hoax” On A Hot Mic!



Yes, it’s a Hoax. and he calls it all a Fraud!

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  1. It’s absolutely appalling how ignorant and unaware of the facts people who listen to CNN, MSNBC and the other main stream media outlets are. It’s like they don’t seem to hear or understand the numbers. The media always leads with the number of NEW CASES REPORTED of Covid19. The number of DEATHS or PEOPLE RECOVERED are either downplayed or not reported at all. As a result the main stream media watchers are scared out of their minds that this is the Black Death and they will be struck down immediately if they step outside without a mask. Here’s an example – headline = “Number of cases reported in Los Angeles County tops 16,000!” Now that sounds really bad unless you look a little deeper and see that the number of deaths is 729 since the outbreak started, and L.A. County is the largest county in the U.S. with OVER 11 MILLION PEOPLE! As in almost every other city the deaths are mostly in nursing homes and amongst people with “pre-existing conditions”.

    There’s no question that this epidemic spreads very easily and is devastating to elderly people and those who do have pre-existing health conditions. However, it does not come anywhere close to the horror that is being fed to us.

    You can call me a conspiracy theorist all you want. I will bet you that if Clinton had won in 2016 and there was a Democrat government in Washington this epidemic would have been treated as no more serious than the bird flu or SARS – they were serious but they didn’t shut down the world. Asian countries successfully contained them there, and North America got through them . The difference was that the democrat backed left-wing media didn’t have an enemy that they considered worth destroying the economy of the U.S. and collaterally, the economies of the world over.

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