Are Rogers News Stations Cutting Corners on the Midnight Shift?


One of our readers reports that when he tuned in to News 1130 before 4 am the feed was originating with 660 News Calgary.  It is expected that during the current weak economy brought about by the COVID-19 emergency broadcasters will be looking to cut corners and save where they can.

Is this part of a pattern duplicated at other Rogers’ news operations across the country?  Are other broadcasters cutting back noticeably?  Any reports will be appreciated, and if you wish to e-mail by way of our tips system, confidentiality is assured.


  1. Nothing new here. When the old CJVI Victoria went news info, they took News1130 overnights–Vancouver traffic on a Victoria radio station seemed juuuust a little off.

  2. Yes, reported by me in my Twitter feed. Last night (well, this morning) the feed changed a little more. The overnight branding is now All News Radio, as long as it doesn’t involve Vancouver-specific news apparently! All the news appears to have an Alberta slant. Some of the Vancouver staff have segments that brand themselves as working for the Calgary station. I heard a story intro as “Tarnjit Parmar’s AM 660 …” when this reporter actually is based here in Vancouver (I believe).

    And yes, the Sunday night feed was jarring when the traffic segments referred to streets I’d never heard of and the weather was for Alberta. I presume someone hit the wrong switch!

  3. There are a lot of new normals, and I’m afraid this is one of them. Unfortunately, News/Talk/Sports stations are labor intensive so if you have to sacrifice a few to save the majority, sadly that’s what makes the most business sense. Several of the sports networks have asked employees to take major pay cuts, or been laid off. We can only hope, advertisers stick it out as best they can, and the culling of humans inside radio and TV stations end, and quickly.

  4. Other than the two or three posters to this comment board that seem to spend all their time listening to two Vancouver radio stations, did ANYONE else in Vancouver – by ANYONE I mean actual listeners – notice that this radio station was reporting Calgary news and traffic? I suspect not. Hence the decision to broadcast a Calgary feed.

  5. The new overnight feed from @NEWS1130 sounds bizarre. No attempt at making the news generic for both provinces. It is straight Alberta/Calgary news, with no meaning for the Vancouver market. Contravention of license agreement with CRTC???


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