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OTTAWA — Canada has closed its borders to all foreign nationals, as well as U.S. citizens, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged people to stay at home to help stem the spread of the new coronavirus. We hear you Justin loud and clear, and are ready to make life and work at home more enjoyable  and entertaining!

On Wednesdays we have the perfect home companion for you. “GOOD MORNING CANADA” with Allan Holender, veteran broadcaster, who will be hitting the digital online airwaves, from his home studio in West Kelowna, BC, for a two hour morning variety show that’s sure to vibrate everyone’s smart speaker. Not since Arthur Godfrey toasted his listeners with a cup of Lipton Tea, has an entire generation been this excited about nostalgia on the airwaves!

Allan Holender has been in the radio biz since he was ten years old. He began by broadcasting to his Mother in the kitchen. His Dad set him up in the den with a turntable and a microphone and a small speaker in the kitchen.

In 1995 he resurrected that little boy from Edmonton and became “Big Al” — the host of a popular live radio show in Vancouver. “Big Al’s Dance Party” was born on AM 1040, and the theme was …memories, music, and mayhem or comedy, records and fun! For two years he was the toast of Saturday night.

Big Al and his motley crew of characters… Cuzzin Fred, Marvelous Mindy and Rockin Rob took you back to the golden era of music from the 40″s, 50″s, and Big Band. Throw in the Doowop Gal and Mickey the Music Man and his collection of 10,000 78″ records from the 30″s and you had a very unique show! The show outranked the CBC’s “Finkelstein’s 45’s” during that time slot.

Allan has interviewed everyone from Maynard Ferguson, Cal Jader to Dave Stewart and Michael Buble. He knows his stuff and loves to play his private collection of some 1,000 LP’s.  Holender hosted the first nationally syndicated radio program for home business entrepreneurs called, “The HomeBiz Show” on the CHUM and Talk America Radio Networks.

He hosted several talk and jazz shows on his previous three digital online radio networks, and in 2012 produced and narrated a 14 week series called “The Allan Holender Music Project” for WXMR FM 100.7 Radio Bistro-“The Music Of Our Lives”.  Allan says he dedicates all his radio shows to the greatest music of our time. Whether it’s Jazz, Blues, Soul, or R & B, the music from the 40,s 50,s, or big bands, Allan weaves a tapestry of stories and personal anecdotes about these legendary artists and their music.

Allan also co-hosted the ZenBiz Radio Hour on Voice America and Biz Talk on the station he co-founded, CISL in Richmond, British Columbia.

Talking about his new show, from his home studio in West Kelowna, BC, Holender says, “I’m going to use this show to try to pull listeners a little closer to their computers, smart phones, and I-Pads. Sometimes we’ll pull them right into my home studio with me. “We will have a captive audience to fast-capture new “stay at home“ listeners.

Allan is the former host of The HomeBiz Show on CFUN Vancouver and the syndicated “HomeBiz Minute” on the CHUM Radio Network and Talk America. He also co-founded a support network for home business entrepreneurs and wrote regular columns for COSTCO magazine on working from home. So there will be lots of professional tips on transitioning from a busy office setting to remote work.

“We hope to build the show around a certain demographic, but that does not mean that everyone can’t listen.” It’s the internet and so the world will be listening. “We will try to stay away from the Corona Virus, literally, we all need a break from the 24 hour news cycle.” We will only bring you sound bites of breaking information.

“My first intention for the podcast,” says Holender, “was for the 10 million Baby Boomers and Beyond in Canada, who may already be retired and staying at home. But with the new reality of everyone in the population being at home, including children, we’ll have something for everyone”, says Holender, including story time for kids.

“Whether it’s your favourite Malt Shop Memories, Chuck Berry, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, BB King, or nostalgic programs like “Our Miss Brooks”, you’ll want to tune in for the memorable music, informative
conversation, and inspiring stories.

Our chat room will be available to connect with others across Canada and around the world. When other morning shows are ending, we’ll just be getting started!

The show must go ON-line and it will… each WEDNESDAY at 10:00 a.m. pacific (1:00 p.m. eastern) at :

To enquire about exclusive founding partnership opportunities;
Allan Holender
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  1. I remember tuning in Big Al’s Dance Party as a kid! Had no idea that this was the same person who hosted the Home Biz show on CFUN, or co-founded CISL with Michael Dickenson. The question is, how do I get my Alexa device to stream it?


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