How China, The WHO, The CDC and the Mainstream Media Worked Together to Create the Greatest Pandemic Hysteria in World History


by Jim Hoft

Gateway Pundit

March 29, 2020

China, the World Health Organization, the CDC and the leftist media combined to create the greatest pandemic hysteria in world history.  Here’s how they did it.


The entire coronavirus pandemic started in Wuhan, China.  A large city estimated at around 13 million in the heart of China.  This city rarely sees a blue sky and is busy and overcast from the smog that is constantly in the air.  This is where the coronavirus was first reported.

Initially it was a curious case but soon the media began reporting incidents of people dying in the streets and a healthcare system totally overwhelmed.  (The media never told you that the health care in Wuhan is third world with very few facilities and doctors.)  Stories of crematoriums working overtime were reported.

But was this all a set up by the Chinese as was warned twenty years ago?  The China economy was in shambles after its own overbuilding and faulty financial reporting.  The Trump policies also made a huge impact on an already collapsing economy.  Was the coronavirus a means to fight back?

America can’t be beat via traditional warfare so the Chinese know their best chance is with political warfare instead.  Was the coronavirus an effort to damage the US via political warfare?  If so, fortunately for the Chinese they had help.

The W.H.O. is part of the corrupt United Nations, the enemy of freedom and prosperity…


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  1. DeAnna Lorraine??
    @DeAnna4Congress – Running against Nancy Pelosi in November election

    Just went to 2 hospitals in LA to check out these “War Zones” the MSM keeps telling us about.

    They are very quiet & EMPTY.
    We are not being told the truth. Why?? Let’s get #FilmYourHospital trending. We ARE the news now.

    We can’t trust the news.

  2. Friday I had to go to 2 UCLA facilities. Both virtually empty, staff talking about the overstaffing.

    One of 6 hospitals in Louisville Ky EMPTY ALL OF THEM

    They are practically empty in San DIego also. All the routine surgery patients are being told to stay home now. They are keeping the hospitals empty because they think the kungflu is going to overwhelm them soon. Its all a guessing game.

    The Coronavirus Plandemic is 100% Media Driven Bullshit–EtwCmzs


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