iHeartMedia Replaces ‘Coast-to-Coast’ with Toronto Call-in Show


In the current COVID-19 emergency, iHeartmedia Canada and the Bell Talk Radio Network have made a change in their overnight programming.

Instead of the US-based ‘Coast-to Coast AM with George Noory’, listeners will now get a show originating with Toronto’s Newstalk 1010 (CFRB.)   ‘The Late Shift with Jason Agnew‘ (that’s him above) runs from 1 to 4 am EDT, and most stations, especially in the West, will rerun a part of the show as needed until the local morning programs kick in.

iHeart management obviously felt a Canadian perspective in the current unprecedented emergency was preferable for its Canadian listenership.

Following is the corporate News Release issued Tuesday:

TORONTO (March 24, 2020) – iHeartRadio Canada’s NEWSTALK 1010 keeps the conversation going with the launch of THE LATE SHIFT WITH JASON AGNEW, an overnight talk show where Canadians can connect on the topics that matter to them, broadcast live in Toronto on NEWSTALK 1010 from 1-4 a.m. ET, the show is now syndicated nationally, with participating stations listed on iHeartRadio.ca.

Hosted by radio personality and comedian Jason Agnew, the early morning show invites listeners to call in, share their stories, and stay informed during these unprecedented times. “It’s so important to stay connected as a country, now more then ever,” said Agnew. “I’m happy to stay up with Canadians and provide a platform where they can share their stories.”

“Jason is the perfect person to keep listeners entertained and informed during this time of global uncertainty,” said Mike Bendixen, Brand Director, NEWSTALK 1010. “Listeners will appreciate having a familiar voice and up-to-date content during this late-night time slot.”

In addition to THE LATE SHIFT WITH JASON AGNEW, Agnew also hosts NEWSTALK 1010’s SUNDAY MORNING TRIVIA SHOW and TSN Radio’s SUNDAY NIGHT’S MAIN EVENT, available on iHeartRadio.ca and on the iHeartRadio app.

Known as Canada’s “Game Show Guru,” Agnew previously hosted E!’s POPQ and Travel Channel’s DOOR TO DOOR.  Listeners across the country can call in to THE LATE SHIFT WITH JASON AGNEW by dialing 1.877.518.5151 or texting 7.10.10.

Listen anytime on the iHeartRadio app or visit iHeartRadio.ca for more information and local broadcast times. 


  1. “Listeners will appreciate having a familiar voice and up-to-date content during this late-night time slot.”

    Which is why this program makes no sense for this market!

  2. Your replacement program for Coast to Coast AM with George Noorey sucks. Socialist-Masonic-Globalist sucks in fact. Please bring back George Noorey and tell the ‘passover’ John Tory thought-police to f.ck-off.

  3. Please oh please bring back George Nooorey instead of the current drivel. At least, after COVID settles down. I have listened to Coast for some 18 years and it has had such a beneficial effect on my life, I am bereft without it and feel as tho there was a death in the family. There are intelligent folk in this world who need more than pap. Please!!

  4. I , as millions of others , are very intrigued with the content and guests that are only heard on Coast to Coast .
    I used to listen to AM 640 for over a decade but they lost me to AM610 in St Catherines and now I will be purchasing XM Sirius and listening on 146 or looking to find via a stream.

    Why do station producers believe that a proven program offers no more value.
    Coast to Coast is an institution and you abandon it .. By doing so – you choose to abandon your listeners . I assume it had more to do with advertising revenue than content or concern for listeners .
    When AM640 had the contract they played their own commercials . When AM610 had it , the commercials were American .

    Its about the money , not the customer !!

    thank you —- and let your new advertisers that the listenership is not as strong with the new programming . ( my assumption)

    Time moves on I guess … and so do listeners

  5. Please bring back Coast to Coast with George Noory. I listen to local talk radio all day so during the night it is preferable to listen to a different perspective, and broaden our horizons. At least put it on during the weekends instead of reruns of Jason Agnew from the weekdays. If it was live it wouldn’t be so bad but this is pretty insulting to stop airing a live programming to a rerun. Someone is responsible for making a bad business choice.

  6. …please bring back Coast to Coast, with George Noory (John Syrett, Jimmy Church, Et. Al.!)
    …I have spoken to so many listeners (1010 Cfrb, 610 ckbt) , and they have abandoned these radio stations in favour of Coast to Coast America radio stations! You will lose a lot of $$$$ by this crummy, Canadaian socialist drivel…..Jason Agnew, David Kaufmann, et. al., as in ….who are they and they are soooooooo boring, and a waste of $$$$$$!

  7. Thanjs ever si much. CFRB US getting crappier. George Noory wasn’t halcyon si BAD except whenever Georgette kirot banging on about UFOs and alien aductions and alternative medicine. He was prefersbke to Jason Agnew and The Shift.

  8. Bring back Coast to Coast. Even worse CKTB [St Catherines ON ] Has The Un Funny failure Jim Richards . He is even worse than before..Radio is not his thing ..He does ONE thing well …Makes you turn the radio dial ..to anything elese.
    Scott Earl Hardy

  9. I knew that the huge audiences of Coast To Coast would not tolerate its loss quietly! Good for everyone who registered these complaints above! I too am outraged that the loyalty of millions of radio listeners and product purchasers of its radio advertisers has been treated so contemptuously! I protested to our local station CFAX in Victoria as well as to IHEARTRADIO but received no response. Very well then! If radio owners and their programmers don’t care about us listeners who buy what their advertisers want to sell, then I don’t care about them either! I have been listening to Coast To Coast throughout all the Art Bell and George Noory years but when I heard the incoherent braying of its trashy replacement on IHEARTRADIO, I immediately tuned the radio to a different station. I will take my late-night listening ears, my offended sense of respect, my consumer loyalty, and my shopping money somewhere else! WHEN COAST TO COAST RETURNS TO LOCAL RADIO PROGRAMMING, SO WILL I !

  10. Jim Richards is just awful. I would rather listen to the CBC at least they have functioning brains. Don’t listen to CFRA anymore; had enough of their woke nonsense.

  11. bring jim richards back to daytime. he’s wasted on midnight. the legendary coast to coast needs to be brought back to 1010 on midnight where it’s best! please reconsider as most listeners will agree. far too much p.c. is dictating your station. stand up for yourself and what YOU and don’t be dictated to by what the people see as “big brother” types! otherwise, another decades long loyal listener will be going elsewhere like others are!


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