Live from Everywhere? The American Radio DJ In An On-Demand World


At times like these, who do you turn to?

Friends and family – of course. But social distancing can make that tough. Perhaps a higher power? No doubt, although that’s not for everyone. But there’s one place that’s kinda built for this moment. It’s always there, it’s free and it does a good job keeping you company.

It’s the radio.

More than that, it’s the person on the radio. And for generations – those who truly left a lasting mark weren’t NPR hosts. They were the DJs.

Times have moved on since people like Dan Ingram ruled the roost. Earlier this year, America’s biggest radio company announced big job cuts – including hundreds of their on-air DJs.

iHeartMedia says the reason for the restructuring is a new focus on artificial intelligence. Its DJs say the company doesn’t value them.

But in our digital and live-streaming age – do we really need someone to tell us “the travel” and what song is up next?

We talked about the importance of the radio DJ with Scott Fybush, consultant at Fybush Media and editor of NorthEast Radio Watch; Dr. Demento, host of The Dr. Demento Show; and Tuma Basa, director of urban music for YouTube.


Published on March 21, 2020 at 12:58 pm by Ron Robinson


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