Rumours Unlimited: New NW Talk Hosts May be Very Familiar


The rumours along radio row have been getting more intense .. and make such good sense any other formal announcement would cause a shock.

 Jill Bennett is said to be a lock for CKNW’s new 9 to noon block, and a guy who’s been around forever in the fill-in/vacation role, Province columnist Mike Smyth (pictured below) is the heir-apparent to the 12-3 pm time period.

Linda Steele will have an hour shaved off her show and continue in the afternoon drive from 3 to 6pm.  No name has yet surfaced for Jill Bennett’s weekend shows.

Simi Sara has been officially named the new 6-9 am program host.

We still await the official word on the rest of the daytime schedule from the NW honchos.


  1. Great to hear both Jill and Mike get there new time slots .Both are well respected and bring great voices to the daytime airwaves

  2. IF these rumors come to pass .NW will have upped its game. Personally I like JB and Smyth very much. VERY MUCH.
    I will also have to send an email to the PD congratulating him and apologizing to him as well

  3. BTW, if Mr Gifford wants a hole in one, hit it out of the park, a slam dunk, a perfect game, a royal flush, help me Im running out of sports metaphors all he needs to do besides JB and Smyth is to put Sterling Faux on Jill Bennetts old spots

  4. Well, for me, only the Smyth time slot will find me tuning in. I tried listening to Bennett the other day and if she is an excellent journalist she is an appalling broadcaster in my ears. Sterling Faux is well named IMO, he sounds Faux and comes across as Faux. He is another tune-out factor for me. Sad to see what was once truly “The Top Dog” reduced to a mewling, political correct, very sick puppy.

  5. Smyth! YES! YES! and YES! To me, the only reason to tune in save for when Vaughn Palmer is in the airwaves.
    Bennett? Yawn.
    Sterling? The only guy who can make Sham-Wow sound like legit news and put Vince out of business.
    Simi “Oh yea, I will happily sell my home for thousands less to a young starting family” Sara? Only if I was a masochist and enjoyed getting hectored 24/7.

  6. Faux was an excellent jock, but comes across kinda strange (phony?) in talk. Also, I’m a Bennett fan and still have a hard time hearing the ‘2 syllables for 1 syllable words ‘ thing. That being said, my wife is becoming a real newsie and does hear that alleged flaw. And Smyth…yup…not the smoothest sound, but super smart, entertaining and fair. Go Smyth!


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