John Barbour on Bullshit & The Virus


John weighs in on coronavirus

Lots of food for thought…

in fact, most thought provoking!



  1. Here is a simple question to answer honestly if you are 30 or find out if you are gullible and trusting of the bullshit the government tells you.

    In March of 2003 when Bush lied us into Iraq over nonexistant WMD’s, France pointed out it was a lie. Bush and the Media encouraged us to boycott France. Millions of Americans..and even members of Congress stopped eating French Fries, until they temporarily re-named them Freedom Fries. If you stopped eating them..and do not admit our government and Media lied…you are still an idiot!????

  2. John

    Interesting .

    Will you now answer this .

    It was Uk PM and SJW Tony Blair along with U.S. President George Bush that believed Intelligence Departments of their Governments and others that promoted convinced and ordered the initial attack and then the prolonged War on Iraq .

    You are obviously of the opinion that U.S., UK, and other Intelligence Departments were mistaken and probably lying about the evidence that they stated proved Iraq and Hussein had WMD .

    Did you then agree with POTUS Trump when he was sometimes cautious and in fact questioned his own Intelligence Departments a time or two his first year or so in Office, or are you with much of the Media, Celebrities, and Democratic Politicians when they criticized Trump and questioned him when he did not immediately accept all Intelligence reports without question ?

    I am looking forward to your answer .

  3. @BMCQ
    You are making the assumption that Blair and Bush did not have a desire to invade Iraq even before asking their intelligence agencies. More in keeping with previous history, the intelligence agencies proferred the falsehoods to Bush and Blair, as requested by Bush and Blair, so they could lie to their respective elected representatives.

  4. BMCQ. Pres. Trump was right on when he turned down the Pentagon’s and The Saudi requests to attack Iran after drones attacked Saudie refineries.
    But troops in Iraq are still there illegally..and the Iraq govt voted to get them out. He has yet to comply!!

  5. The CIA told Bush emphatically there were no WMD’s. Those who said that were fired. Millions marched in protest. Bush went in anyway!!! Troops are still there iillegally..even tho Iraqs govt. asked they be removed!!

  6. I believe Bush wanted to invade Iraq because of the situation concerning 41 .

    My point is I believe Trump was wise to question, Research, verify, double check, and confirm Intelligence from all of the various Departments, unfortunately Intelligence Departments seem to quite often have Agendas .

    Troops unfortunately have been occupying countries illegally at one time or another since Jesus was a Corporal . So the US and others are an Occupying Force, the area needs stability and I do not see the UN taking charge .

  7. Johns comment on Duck and cover was similar to Hawaii back in Jan 2018 when an alert was put out ‘Incoming missile, seek cover, this is not a drill’, but there was no cover, it was all BULLSHIT.
    Love ya work John.


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