Hypocrisy at it’s Best or Worst Depending on One’s Point of View, by BMCQ

CNN’s Don Lemon

One Man’s Opinion


March 12, 2020


I will not say much about the attached Video and it’s content other than to say that while watching and Listening to Tucker Carlson on Fox last evening I was left Speechless, Dumbfounded, and at the same time Incredibly Sickened by the Disgustingly Manipulative Hypocrisy of some so called Anchors on MSNBC, CNN, other Media, and certain Politicians .


It matters not if you like or dislike Tucker, it is the Host but the content of this particular program that Citizens and Voters of any Particular Brands of Political persuasion should watch and listen to very closely .


Frankly I am appalled and I certainly hope others in Media in the USA, Canada, the EU, “Soon to be Free” United Kingdom and all other Free World Democracies Report and analyze this injustice and hypocrisy .

I would ask that you watch and listen to the whole program especially the segment with Victor Davis Hansen but I Especially URGE each and every single One of YOU to pay very careful attention the Hypocrisy displayed by the Media Outlets already Mentioned especially including CNN Anchor Don Le Mon and the rest .

Even if you hate Republicans and POTUS Trump you must question what you are about to see and hear, it is absolutely Unbelievable .

The Segment I am asking you to watch and listen begins at about 2 min 20 seconds .

Of course I know that each and everyone of the Media Types that watch and hear what is attached below will all Immediately “Call Out” the Disgusting Hypocrisy of Don Le Mon and the rest, I look forward to that .


If the content of the Tucker Show above does not make you question the Integrity of the Media Members in the Video, what will ?

I look forward to the Great News Coverage, Analysis,  and Discussions on this .



  1. Harry

    I agree 100% with what you have said, Trump and the rest of the world need to hold China accountable and the Citizens of countries like Canada, the UK, the EU and the rest of First World Nations need to demand that our so called Leaders follow the Lead of Donald J Trump .

    Canada and the USA can start off by doing exactly as you say Harry, let’s bring Manufacturing back to Canada and the U.S. !

    Keep up the good work Harry !

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