This Conservative Leadership Hopeful would Privatize CBC English TV



An Erin O’Toole Conservative government would defund CBC digital and cut the CBC English TV budget by half, the federal leadership candidate says.

“Our plan will phase out TV advertising with a goal to fully privatize CBC English TV by the end of our first mandate,” O’Toole says in a new video obtained by Postmedia to be released publicly Friday.

O’Toole promised to preserve CBC Radio and Radio Canada, which he said fulfilled an important role serving Francophones and Quebecers in their own language, but said CBC as a whole is in need of modernization and reform.

“It’s 2020. Canada has changed. The CBC must change,” he says.

The Durham MP is one of several candidates competing to succeed Andrew Scheer as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

O’Toole, who’s campaigning under the slogan “True Blue Leadership,” says in his video the national broadcaster is stuck in the past, no longer needed to connect Canadians to each other and the world now that the vast majority have cell phones.



  1. Poly

    As I have stated on this Blog previously, I am a supporter of the Conservative Party and yes I am fully aware they are not perfect, but that party is the only one capable of defeating the Federal Liberals .

    I am going to ask you a question I have asked other supporters of the PPC .

    How can you come to the conclusion that Mad Max who has banished himself to the Hinterland and the PPC defeat the Federal Liberals when you could fit all of the PPC Voters every single one of them from right across Canada in my basement ?

  2. BMCQ,

    Are you a globalist ? Your party is.
    Canada will be looking for it’s Donald Trump to clean up the mess made by the establishment parties. So far Mad Max is that guy, unless someone else appears.
    Are you hoping for a return of Harper ?
    Wasn’t he a globalist ?

    PPC voters want to stay out of your basement, too many closeted globalists in there!

  3. Judging from the total, complete, thorough defeat of the PPC at the polls one can only conclude
    If you fear a globalist one world gov you havent looked across the pond at jolly old England. They just kicked the globalists in the nuts.
    Perhaps Max should have stuck it out with the CPC instead of trying to win the whole enchilada. He could have, should have would have affected change from within an established party. Instead Max rolled the dice and gambled with our future . What did we get 4 more years of not just a globalist but a stupid puppet that is so inept he gives us UNDRIP, Paris accord and every other globalist ploy the green light
    Just pay your carbon tax and hope that the CPC manage to rid Canada of the IDIOT

  4. @ BMCQ. I sometimes ask is it worth it? I suppose if you manage to finally convince polt and fake and the other 100 Maxine supporters that Max might have some good ideas he doesnt know how to appeal to the masses.
    We need a change of government in Canada. It is happening a one after the other NDP and Liberal provincial governments are eliminated. BC is being run by an idiot that supports one pipeline while pissing millions of tax payer dollars fighting against Justins pipeline. The 3 stooges were smarter than Horgan, Trudeau and co.
    I wish I had a basement full of globalists

  5. I must say, I really enjoy the comments from both Poly Tics and BMCQ, even though they are not on the same page, at least there is the much needed dialogue on Globalism versus Nationalism and the fact is the cpc have been a globalist party probably since inception. I’m a conservative/libertarian, so for the most part I had no problem with the Stephen Harper government, having voted twice for the conservatives, but in 2015 I could no longer support the party or the government because in doing my own research, I found Mr. Harper had brought Canada into Agenda 21, in 2008. Does anyone know about Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030. If not, I strongly recommend you check out this link – If we allow it, only we can be blamed for what is coming upon earth. It’s a Must Read!

    Harper is obvious a globalist, just like Scheer, Trudeau, Jagmeet and the greens who all support the sham Paris Accord. And what in the world was Stephen Harper doing at Bohemian Grove?
    it’s a naughty and wicked gathering…

    BCMQ, I fully understand what you are saying, but I believe this time will be different. Not only will the PPC play a significant role in the next federal election, but so will the Wexit Party. People, in particular Alberta and Saskatchewan are totally piss off with the feds, including the cpc. I can see a lot of vote splitting… be interesting to see what happens with upcoming by-elections, especially on the prairies… we haven’t even started our research on corruption in government, we know a lot already

    be interesting to see if the DC Party still support this website today, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

    This is also a great site on Agenda 21 Agenda 2030 It’s time to wake up folks…

  6. Henry

    First of all there was not really much vote splitting between the Cons and PPC, I thought there may have been more . The numbers speak for themselves, each and every day I am involved chemistry and math there are no maybes or could have beens, facts or facts . The PPC were about as popular with right of Centre votes as Donald Trump is as at a Bernie Rally, the PPC are a “Nothing Burger” . The theory of PPC being a force now or into the future by Poly and others here is about as stable as Katherines Head on a Helicopter Ride .

    How long do you and others that think Max can be a force have? I can guarantee you that if the Liberals are not defeated next time it will not matter because it will be too late .

    I have said this hundreds of times to people, please listen carefully . The NDP have been out maneuvered, out greened, and out politically corrected by the PM Justin Liberals, that is why the NDP now find themselves as an Official SPENT Force who are Leaderless and Rudderless . The NDP will look around and realize much like the PPC their total Number of supporters can fit into my basement and they have absolutely no future .

    The NDP will in just over a year soon admit defeat and they will merge with the Federal Liberals and the new party will be known as “The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada”, that will in effect be the end of the splitting of the left of Centre vote, the Green Party will then become barely a fringe party .

    We would then have the Conservatives taking on the merged NDP and Liberals, do you think the right of Centre Canadian voters can elect a Government with Max and the PPC splitting the vote ?

    I have never said the Conservatives are perfect but at least they have a chance of defeating the Federal Liberals while the PPC couldn’t get elected Directors at the Kerrisdale Community Centre . To believe otherwise is simply delusional and moronic.

    First steps first, the Federal Liberals must go .

    There is absolutely no chance for a Western Separation without a Coastline that B.C. would provide, for now B.C. is not in so do not fool yourself, it is not taking place any time soon .

    Christy Clark managed to Grasp Defeat from the Jaws of Victory and until the NDP are defeated there is no chance of Western Separation, Horgan, Meggs, Eby the Anarchist AG of B.C. are joined at the hip with the Federal Liberals, they would never consider anything close to separation .

    It will not be different in the next Federal Election, the PPC will at best split some of the Centre right vote and that would be disaster .


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