CKUA’s Holger Petersen on his 2020 Folk DJ Hall of Fame Induction!



It’s been such a wonderful few months for our own Holger Petersen who celebrated 50 years on our airwaves this past fall.

The celebrations have continued into 2020 for the host of CKUA’s Natch’l Blues; in January, at a ceremony in New Orleans, Folk Alliance International inducted Petersen into the Folk DJ Hall of Fame.

“It’s a huge honour, of course, to be inducted,” Petersen says now. “I reflect on how important CKUA has been in my life and how much opportunity and support CKUA has given me.”

It’s one thing to be notified that you’re to receive such an honour but quite another to actually be on stage before your peers, in Louisiana no less, to accept it.

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