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POWER play: Edmonton radio station re-brands after court order


Karyn Mulcahy

by Karyn Mulcahy, Digital Journalist, CTV News Edmonton

Published Friday, December 20, 2019

                  A POWER 107 billboard in Edmonton on Nov. 5, 2019. (Karyn Mulcahy/CTV News Edmonton)

EDMONTON — An Edmonton radio station that was ordered by a Calgary court to change its name has re-branded again.

Harvard Broadcasting Inc.’s Edmonton-based pop radio station changed its name in August from Hot 107 to Power 107. The station rolled out a black and white logo and a new format, 90s and 2000s hits.

One month later, Corus Communications, which owns the radio station that was branded as Power 92 in the 1990s and early 2000s filed a court injunction claiming that Harvard had “brazenly copied the brand, marks, slogans and advertising materials” from the old Power 92 station.

In November, court found in favour of Corus and ordered Harvard to stop using the name POWER.

On Friday, the station announced they were changing their name to play 107.

Despite the name change, Harvard says play will still play the same songs as it did under the POWER brand.

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  1. You’ve got to kidding. I admired Harvard up to the point they were going to market the idea of picking the best name for their radio station, but they blew it! What a bloody joke to rebrand their station PLAY 107. What brainwave came up with this suggestion, and please don’t tell me it was from one of their listeners idea. My prediction is 107 will be returning to their basement status come the spring ratings…

  2. What a bunch of government (crtc) commie bullshit. I worked at power 92 in the 90’s. Drive. 90-93. John Bazyl. So what this says is…. Power 92 couldnt make a go of their name or format so now that another station has every right to take over what the original power 92 couldnt is apparently illegal? Ah yes Power 92 hasnt been around for what? couple decades? and now they take court action and….win??? For what? Tell everyone on puget what exactly your fighting for? Your original ratings?


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