Shaw Ups Charges for Internet, TV and Phone Customers


The price increase starts on January 1st, 2020

By Dean Daley for   Nov.  27, 2019

Starting January 1st, 2020, Shaw is increasing the rate pricing for select residential internet, TV and phone customers.

The Calgary, Alberta-based telecom says that customers will get advance notification of the rate change through their monthly invoice. Those customers who’ve signed up for the for internet, or the internet and TV 2-year ValuePlan with a price guarantee will not get a rate increase.

Shaw’s support page explains, “we increase our rates to ensure we can continue providing the same exceptional connectivity and content experience while meeting the evolving needs of our customers as programming costs rise and Internet usage continues to grow.”

The telecom doesn’t explicitly say how much prices will increase by; Shaw has said, however, that customers would have begun seeing notifications of a rate adjustment starting November 1st.

To learn more about the increase, take a look at Shaw’s support page, here.

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  1. We dropped Shaw Cable, you can too. Some of you are paying Shaw or shortly will be paying them in excess of $200 a month. Consider your alternatives, our bill is $42 with all taxes to cover the internet. Not trying to sell you anything here.

  2. I gave up Shaw cable about 4 years ago, signed on with for high speed internet, and the cost is wonderful… all taxes in, I pay fifty bucks a month and I love it… available on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland… check them out

  3. Shaw is loosing so much money on their Corus ownership, because they’ve ruined every station in that stable, that they need to make it up somehow. So the consumer gets screwed again.

  4. Hey Shaw, drop some of the useless channels if you want to save money. If my bill goes up again I will be cancelling ALL services. You can rot for all I care.


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