Peace & Democracy were gunned down in Dallas 56 years ago today…


by John Barbour

November 22, 2019

On Nov. 22 56 yrs ago, Peace & Democracy were gunned down in Dallas.
If you have neither the time or inclination to read or watch the many excellent books or films about JFK’s murder, this powerful 17 min video is all you need to know.. that DA Jim Garrison absolutely solved and nailed the CIA with his arrest of Clay Shaw.
And to further prove Garrison’s genius investigation, then watch the 8 min part 1 of his Ferrie file. In it he gathered massive material reported minutes after the murder from all sources, all of which disappeared or was altered when he turned it over to the government for further investigation…leads & proofs the government rejected!!! I is all you need to know!!!!


John Barbour joins Jim Goddard on the Goddard Report….


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